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Research Grants King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Research Grants King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) was established in 1977 to promote Science and Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main objectives of the establishment of KACST can be summarized as follows.

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Research Grants King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

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  1. Research Grants King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

  2. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) was established in 1977 to promote Science and Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  3. The main objectives of the establishment of KACST can be summarized as follows. • Proposing the national policy for science and technology, and drawing up a planned strategy for its implementation . • Carrying out applied scientific research programs. • Assisting the private sector in conducting applied research for the development of agriculture and industrial product. • Supporting joint research programs between KACST and international scientific institutions to keep abreast of the latest scientific advancements . Continue/…

  4. Offering scholarships to develop the manpower skills necessary for planning and carrying out scientific research programs, and awarding grants to individuals and institutions for conducting applied research. • Coordinating with government agencies, scientific organization and research centers in the kingdom for enhancing research, exchanging information and expertise, in order to avoid duplication of efforts.

  5. General Directorate of Research Grants • The main goal of the General Directorate of Research Grants (GDRG) is managing scientific research. Its responsibilities include : • Identifying research priorities, • Funding and managing the execution of research projects, • Dissemination and utilization of research findings, • Supervising national and consultative research committees.

  6. General Directorate of Research Grants(GDRG) Director Deputy Director National Research Committees Technical Support Research Follow Up Research Programs Finance Follow up

  7. The General Directorate of Research Grants (GDRG) consists of the following departments: • Department of Research Programs: Concerned with formulating research priorities. Assessment of research proposals, selection of research proposals for funding and follow up of specialized working groups. • Department of Scientific research follow up: Concerned with the scientific management of research projects. Continue/…

  8. Department of Finance follow up: Concerned with financial matters related to the execution of research projects in accordance with the approved budget • Department of Technical Support: Concerned with the structure development and updating databases on research activities conducted by GDRG, supervision of printing manuals and scientific publications. Supervision of the Saudi research data Base. • Secretariat of the National Research Committees: Concerned with National Research Projects follow up, as well as National committees activities.

  9. KACST supports research through eight grants programs:

  10. Research Grants Programs • Annual Research Grants Program (ARP): The aim of the program it to help in finding solutions for some of the problems facing development plans of various sectors in the Kingdom. • National Grants Program (NGP): KACST conducts research projects at the request of one or more of the government agencies in need of urgent solutions for technical and scientific problems that arise. • Postgraduate Student Grants Program (PSGP) : KACST supports postgraduate students by financing part of their requirements for completing research leading to MSc or PhD degrees in the universities of the kingdom to improve Saudi research capabilities. Continue/…

  11. Limited Grants Program (LGP) : LGP is an annual program . It supports research ideas of individual interest in a short period of time not exceeding one year. • Humanities Grants Program ( HGP ) : HGP deals with priorities that have direct impact on welfare of the society . The priorities are formulated by KACST in coordination with other government agencies. • Production Sectors Grants Program ( PSGP): This program aims at raising the level of coordination and cooperation between research institutions and production sectors by supporting applied research. Continue/…

  12. Developmental Research Grants Program (DRGP) : The purpose of the program is to direct researchers to shift to research that have an economic impact in areas such as water, petrochemicals, electronics, biotechnology, and advanced technologies. 8. Innovation Research Program (IRP) : This program is intended for providing funds for the talented and gifted who are seeking support for the execution of their ideas

  13. Specialists in Research Centers Media Formulation of Research Priorities Government Sectors National Science & Technology Plan Private Sectors Research Priorities Recommendations of Scientific Meetings Preliminary Setting of Priorities Specialized Scientific Groups Environment & Agriculture Final List of Priorities Engineering & Industry Call for Proposals Medical * However, researchers are free to submit proposals on any subject they think is important.

  14. Government and Private Sectors Universities and Research Centers Classification of Research Proposals According to their Fields and Sub-fields Preliminary study of the Proposals Research Proposals Submission

  15. Evaluation of Research Proposals Four to six expert reviewers Evaluation of Proposals Specialized Scientific Groups Ministries and government agencies The projects that fulfill all the requirements are selected for funding based on scientific merits , expected benefits, and available resources.

  16. KACST Funding Criteria KACST funds projects which contribute to achievement of development plans in the Kingdom, and have : • Novel ideas. • Clear objectives. • Sound project design and methodology. • Reasonable budget. • Technology transfer.

  17. Steps for Execution of Research Projects Meetings between principal investigators and directorate to discuss the technical and financial comments of the reviewers and the directorate Submission of the revised version of the research project Specified project schedule: - Initiation date of the project - Dates of progress reports - Dates of final report

  18. Follow up of the Funded Projects • The Principal Investigator is required to submits a brief progress report every six months and an annual detailed technical report covering: • Achievements during the period of the report. • Progress towards achieving the project objectives . • Plan of work for the next period. • Technical problems faced by the investigators during execution. Evaluation of the progress reports by reviewers and the directorate Forwarding the comments to the investigators.

  19. The follow-up continues until the final report is submitted at the end of the project. The final report is examined by the reviewers and the specialists of the directorate. Submission of revised final report Scientific meetings Media Related ministries Publication of the revised final report in the form of a book Government agencies Libraries

  20. Number and Budget of Funded and ongoing Projects in Different Research Programs (1981 - 2007)

  21. Number of Funded Projects According to Fields

  22. SAUDI RESEARCH DATA BASE (SRDB) SRDB is an electronic database. Its main objective is to maintain and publish the records related to the funded scientific research in the kingdom in all sectors on the international network.

  23. Utilization of Funded Research Outcome • GDRG publishes results of the funded research projects and makes these results available for public use. GDRG, in coordination with the investigators make the necessary technical adjustments to publish the final reports in the form of a book or a booklet. • GDRG holds scientific symposiums, meetings and conferences to discuss the results of funded projects .

  24. Scientific Meetings General Directorate of research grants organize periodic scientific meetings as a means of disseminating the results of final reports of funded research by KACST to the beneficiary parties in a convenient way. Also, it aims at expanding feedback channels through scientific research organizations on one hand and the government, industry and service sectors on the other hand. These meetings contribute to the identification of the nature of issues encountered by industry and service sectors, which contributes to the identification of research priorities of different sectors.

  25. How to obtain proposal forms?


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