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Party on my nails

Party on my nails

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Party on my nails

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  1. Party on my nails

  2. Depressed and bored? Want to have some fun and great time alone? Fret not and party all by yourself. Our best idea to have some fun is to have a little party on your nails. Those little fellas deserve to be groomed and looked after. Throw some vogue colors on your nails and let them have the time of their life. Of all the makeup products, nail paints have to be a girl’s best friends. The kind of satisfaction you get by jazzing up your nails with some cool and funky hues, is totally unbeatable. All you ladies must follow this blog to throw the craziest party of all times for your little buddies.

  3. For the starters make sure they are clean and ready to be dolled up. Start from the scratch and put some actual effort into glamming your nails up. For this, remove the previous paint that you had on or any residues of it. Give them a good wash and trim them. Letting your nails grow is really old school. Cut them short and give them a cleaner and more presentable look and let them feel like the chief guest of the party.

  4. Next, soak them into a bowl of warm water and exfoliate before dabbing any nail color. Your nails need the exfoliation as much as your facial skin does. It relaxes as well as removes any dead skin around the corners of your skin. Smooth out the surface of your nails by rubbing them gently in circular motions and put a little pressure on the centre of each nail. This process is very good for blood circulation and relaxation of your fingertips.

  5. Next step that follows is using a nail stick to clean the insides of the nail tip. Use an orange wood stick or a cotton bud to clear up all the embedded filth or dirt in the cuticles. The key purpose of using a stick is to push back the cuticles on the finger tips. Using a stick needs some extra care on your part as you do not want to hurt the buddies you have held the party for. Push back the cuticles gently at the base of your nails and go on to the next step.

  6. Now comes the main entertainment for your nails. ‘Applying the nail color’. Always dab a basecoat or just some school glue prior to applying the hue that you desire. This lets the paint stay firm and look smooth. Polishing your nails perfectly on your own is an art but it can be really intimidating for some women. They do not want to smudge the color on their skin because of their bad polishing skills, but there’s only one advice I have for that: PRACTICE.

  7. Start by taking substantial amount of nail color on the nail paint brush and directly apply it over the basecoat on your nail. For best results, apply two coats but not more than that. Use a nice color by Femina (buy here) or Glamorous Face (buy it here) if you want a trendy and an elegant feel on the nails. If you want to go for a more subtle color go for Diana of London (buy here). When you’re done with the paint job on your nails, dip your fingertips in chilled water for drying them quick and avoid getting the paint scratched.

  8. Now the nails are ready to be served a little cuticle oil to get the perfect off-the-salon look. You can also use a lotion to keep your nails hydrated and let the paint stay longer.

  9. Your nails must have had a really good time by now. You know you had a cool party on your nails when they look chic, elegant, fun and stylish, all at the same time. Get some super-mod, up-to-the-minute and must-have hues from Telemart which is the one of the biggest platform to provide online shopping in Pakistan.So go get those nails glammed and party like nobody’s watching!