chemistry and life n.
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Chemistry and Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Chemistry and Life

Chemistry and Life

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Chemistry and Life

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  1. Chemistry and Life Presented by: Jared Chadwick

  2. Introduction All basic life forms on Earth depend greatly on chemistry for their survival , including us. Everything from surviving treacherous climates, to how our bodies develop, and work are all related to the world of chemistry.

  3. Chemistry and the Climate Ever wonder how certain organisms were able to live under those extreme climates and temperatures (depths of the sea, scalding waters, and the unbearable cold of the Arctic)? It’s because their biology is able to use the use of chemicals to thrive in such places! The microbe group called Archaea, is able to live in such harsh conditions, because the use of enzymes called, extremozymes. These extremozymes coat and protect the microbes from extreme temperatures, due to this it allows the membranes to function more effectively.

  4. Chemistry and Us Without chemistry it would be extremely hard for us to live. We need chemistry and chemicals for everything we do! When we eat food, chemicals are the main source in which helps assist to decompose the food. Our organs are protected by harmful acids with a layer of chemicals in the form of mucus, without it our organs would slowly dissolve away. But chemicals and chemistry may also harm us, such as the acids we find in our stomachs.

  5. The End Chemistry is an important role in life. Everyday chemistry is about us, and everyday we use chemistry. Without it we would not be able to survive. Jared Chadwick.