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Music: print and Recordings

Music: print and Recordings. Collection Management Issues Pippa Rogers & Megan Wiebe. Music in the Library. Recreational not essential. Music in the Library. Music collections often stagnate or are hobbled by budget restrictions

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Music: print and Recordings

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  1. Music: print and Recordings Collection Management Issues Pippa Rogers & Megan Wiebe

  2. Music in the Library • Recreational not essential

  3. Music in the Library • Music collections often stagnate or are hobbled by budget restrictions • “anyone can listen to music and many people profit from and enjoy it, while it takes various degrees of technical skill to read, play, or sing it”

  4. Music in the Library • “music libraries continue to require specialized librarians who have the knowledge, training, and experience in both librarianship and music to develop collections that integrate these three information formats appropriately for each institution and each group of users”

  5. Sticky Fingers • Musical recordings, especially popular are desirable items and difficult to keep in the system. • VPL Led Zepplin Search

  6. New Technology • “CD sales continue to drop while online sales of downloads are rising sharply, up to 83 percent and comprising 14 percent of all US music sales in early 2006” • Naxos Music Library • American Memory (Library of Congress)

  7. UBC Music Library “The Music Library is a branch of the University of British Columbia Library System, and contains one of the finest research collections of music materials in Canada. The Music library's primary role is to serve the research and teaching needs of the School of Music, although its resources are available to the entire university community and to the general public.” http://www.library.ubc.ca/music/aboutmusic.html

  8. UBC Music Library Users • Loan periods inadequate for performing ensembles • Recordings and scores often used together • Access to listening equipment and rooms necessary

  9. Music Cataloguing & Classification • Challenging for staff • Catalogue difficult for users • Collection all looks the same, messy • UBC Music Library Tutorials

  10. Printed Music Sheet Music/Scores • Many formats: folders, bound, oversize • Collection overlap

  11. Printed Music Sheet Music/Scores • Digitization & copyright • Sheet music reader computers: MusicPad Pro & eStand

  12. Printed Music Sheet Music/Scores • Public domain music databases: British Columbia Sheet Music Collections Canada • Sheet Music Consortium

  13. Printed Music Purchasing & Vendors • Decentralized – must use a variety of sources & vendors • Commercial digital sheet music vendors

  14. UBC Music LibraryPhotos

  15. UBC Music LibraryPhotos

  16. Recorded Music Formats • Compact Discs • Cassettes • Vinyl • Reel-to-reel • Audio files • Compilations

  17. Genres • Classical • Jazz • Popular • World music

  18. Equipment • Record Players • Headphones • Keyboards • Piano • Reel-to-reel player

  19. UBC Music LibraryPhotos

  20. Space • Small library in an old building • Storage is expensive • ASRS • Listening rooms

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