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Leveraging Search

Leveraging Search

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Leveraging Search

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  1. Leveraging Search Greg Outlaw January 16, 2007 Christian Internet Marketing II

  2. Presentation Overview INTERNET MARKETING • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Pay Per Click (PPC) • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Social Media Optimization (SMO) • The Future of Search

  3. Leveraging Search Greg Outlaw January 16, 2007 Christian Internet Marketing II

  4. Search Market November 2006 Source: Nielsen//Netratings

  5. A Few Stats to Start 1.1 Billion People Online1 • 99% of all searches in English in the US occur on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask (or websites empowered by these search companies) 2 • 85% begin on a major search engine 3 • Less than 3% ever go past page two 3 Sources: 1 Computer Industry Almanac 2 3 comScore Media Metrix

  6. Pay Per Click (PPC) “At an average cost per acquisition of $8.50, Internet search was more than twice as efficient as the next best marketing channel.” Source: October 06 Piper Jaffrey & Co

  7. The New eCommerce Decade:The Age of Micro Targeting Source: October 06 Piper Jaffrey & Co

  8. Why not just use PPC? Only 27.7% of Google Users will click on a sponsored PPC link. • 72.3% of Google’s users choose a natural (SEO) result rather than a PPC result • 60.5% of Yahoo and MSN’s users choose a natural (SEO) result rather than a PPC result • However, when the results return a PPC and a natural result for the same website, click-thru rates increase by 15%

  9. Case Study Over 10 Million Visits in 2006 • Nearly 3 Million Gospel Presentations in 2006 • $250,000 Total Operating Budget in 2006 • Even at 5 cents per visitor PPC would have cost $500,000 to reach 10 Million visitors and 3 Million Gospel Presentations • If we were very generous and agreed that the budget required to carry out our SEO marketing was $100,000 then PPC, at the very best rates, would have cost at least 500% more than SEO. Sources: 2006 Report

  10. When should I use PPC? • Temporary Solution as SEO Ramps • Short Term Projects • Rapid Marketing Testing • Time Sensitive Information • Fall Back Plan (Disaster Recovery)

  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “SEO is at least 500% more cost effective than the very best Internet marketing channel.” Source: Greg Outlaw

  12. Why Should You Listen To Me? • Searching Who is God • Searching Christian Fasting • Searching Darwin’s Theory • Searching Pro Choice Abortion • Searching Forgiving Infidelity • Searching Sinner’s Prayer

  13. SEO Flow of Work • Web Strategy & Business Focus • Strategic Keyword Phrase Targeting • Detailed Competitive Analysis • Kinetic Viral Marketing & Link Strategy • Long Tail Marketing & SEO Maintenance • Extended Logging Web Traffic Analysis • Proactive Tactical Modification based on Web Analytics Intelligence

  14. Search Engine Optimization A marketing overview of best practices to rank multimedia and multilingual content at the top of Google, Yahoo, & MSN to drive visitor acquisition through: • Kinetic Viral Marketing • Kinetic energy is the energy by virtue of the motion of an object. It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body from rest to its current velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy. • Long Tail Marketing • Less popular phrases in greater quantities are more effective than a few blockbuster phrases. Start HitTailing.

  15. Google’s Algorithm Simplified SEO is like Football – “a Battle of Inches” • 80% Links • 50% Links from Authority Websites (Directories, Trusted Sites, Press Releases, etc) • 50% Topical Links (Non-Reciprocal Links from topically relevant websites) • 20% On Page Factors • Web Design and Internal Structure.

  16. Kinetic Viral Marketing (KVM) BEST PRACTICES • Domain Names • Content is still King • Site Structure (Keyword-Rich, Flat Directories, & Spiderable) • Code (Optimized with Meta Data) • Links (Internally & Externally Consistent) • Media (Text/Images, Video, and Audio) • Syndication (RSS & Link to us pages)

  17. Multilingual SEO Mathematics is a Universal Language

  18. The Long Tail a.k.a. Zipf’s Power Law Probability Distribution Curve The frequency of any word is generally inversely proportional to its rank in the frequency table. Thus, the most frequent word will occur approximately twice as often as the second most frequent word, which occurs twice as often as the fourth most frequent word, etc.

  19. A Long Tail Example Source: MIT

  20. A Long Tail Example Source: MIT

  21. A Long Tail Example • Searching Pros and Cons of Prayer in School

  22. Long Tail Marketing BEST PRACTICES ON SITE • Keyword Research Tools • • User Generated Content BEST PRACTICES OFF SITE • Media (Video and Audio) • Syndication (RSS & Link to us pages)

  23. Social Media Optimization (SMO) “SEM Web 2.0-style! SMO is a great way to drive convertible traffic and future-proof your SEO investment.” Source: Greg Outlaw

  24. Social Media Optimization Turning your Audience into an Army on MySpace, Wikipedia,, YouTube, Podzinger, iTunes, Technorati, Digg, and others. • User Generated Content • text, video and audio (on and off site) • Guerilla Marketing Web 2.0-style

  25. Wikipedia - 6 Million Articles, 250 languages (1.5 Million in English)

  26. What to Do What Not To Do • Add facts • Add Valuable Links • Follow the rules • DON’T SPAM! • Link building • Add biased information • Delete accurate information • Break community rules • DON’T SPAM!

  27. Social BookMarking Websites

  28. Social Bookmarking Example Searching Does Hell Exist?

  29. Social Networking Websites

  30. MySpace Example

  31. Social Video Search Engines

  32. Video.Google Example Searching Google for Internet is For Porn

  33. The Future of Search “The True Power of Search is coming: At Anytime, From Anywhere, For Any Media From Any Device. Are you ready?” Source: Greg Outlaw

  34. The Future of Search Where Search is going and how to leverage this knowledge proactively to rise on the wave and ride it rather than paddling to catch it. • The Wisdom of Crowds • Text, Video and Audio (On and Off Site) • Everyone is an Expert About Something. • As Information Increases so will Search. • Every Device, Voice Enabled, Audio read back to you

  35. Examples

  36. Thank You 719-884-2250