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Influencer Marketing Grow your business with Digital Influencers PowerPoint Presentation
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Influencer Marketing Grow your business with Digital Influencers

Influencer Marketing Grow your business with Digital Influencers

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Influencer Marketing Grow your business with Digital Influencers

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  1. Influencer MarketingGrow your business with Digital Influencers Inbound marketing:  What covers the boundaries of Inbound Marketing? Traditional Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing. ROIand CPA, so obvious: To Begin with Inbound Marketing:  Four stages of Lifecycle of the Inbound Marketing strategy:

  2. Inbound marketing: • What Inbound Marketing is, to sum up in a line, unpaid marketing of the product or services you provide. • Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy for the industry, widely accepted and used strategy for marketing in the B2B marketing industry.  • It is also known as organic marketing and for which the only way to reach a number of people is the content. • So content marketing could in this genre of Inbound Marketing marketing. 

  3.  What covers the boundaries of inbound marketing? In this era where everything and everyone is going digital, why not the marketing strategies stay away from digitalization? Following these footprints, the Inbound marketing strategy might have born now but ruling over the industry today.  The making of an attractive website to adding the product/ service description to writing blogs about the knowledge of related areas till arranging webinars, e-books, videos, sharing infographics, etc. comes under inbound marketing strategy. 

  4. Continue…. • And since this much content, we are putting on the internet there should be people to read or learn through this. • For that, the channel as in website or the platform should reach to the number of people. • And apparently, for that taking help of SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization, is of utmost importance.  • So content marketing and SEO alongside comes in the inbound marketing strategy and that’s all which revolves inside the boundaries of the Inbound Marketing.

  5. Traditional Vs. Inbound Marketing • So basically what used to happen in the traditional marketing is you as a company need to pitch every client through traditional ways like E-mails, Ads, through newspaper ads while marketing for your product or radios.  • But back then you didn’t have any chance to target any particular set of audience and it was the biggest drawback as if couldn’t reach the target customers then there are large chances that you will lose the number of potential customers. • And ultimately that hampers the business, in every aspect. 

  6. Continue… • To overcome this drawback inbound marketing strategies are suitable for various kinds of businesses. • since the number of audiences could be reached, targeting the bunch of audiences is possible and the threat of losing the potential customer is also overcoming. 

  7. ROI and CPA, so obvious: • No matter what the business is and what is the target audience or the strategies discovered, what matters the most is the surety that the chosen strategy would work for the business. • Because any businessman could first think of ROI and want to see lots of charts and pie charts and graphs increasing the green line of success rate for the proposed strategy.  • Although Cost Per Acquisition requires less money for the initial monetary investment. Talking about the ROI and discussing the CPA is part of the finalizing any marketing strategy.  

  8. To Begin with Inbound Marketing:  • Determine your ideal buyer: In the Inbound Marketing strategy, deciding the target audience is the main and the most important task.   • Appeal to the problems of your targeted audience: While providing content to your audience, you should know what the audience wants to read/ watch about more and making the same content will be profitable. • Create useful and unique content for content marketing: Considering the requirement of your audience and also the trends in the market, the useful and unique content is expected. • Nurture your leads: here comes the real ‘pitching to the client’ part and the sales team comes in picture. 

  9. Continue…. • Although these are the four most important things to be considered while making Inbound Marketing strategies, there are four more steps explaining the lifecycle of the Inbound Marketing, which should be understood good enough to know how exactly this strategy works.

  10. Four stages of Lifecycle of the Inbound Marketing strategy: • Yet the time required for the strategy to work is different and depends on the planning and content marketing, the understanding lifecycle is important.   • Attract: Attract the client/ audience with creating quality content.  • Engage: Engage the audience with your content and convert them into leads. • Delight: The satisfied and delighted customer will automatically market your product or service. Where the aim is achieved of Inbound Marketing Strategy.  • The important thing you need to know is the aim of Inbound Marketing is not to sell the product or service but to share the knowledge with your audience and to attract the audience only. The rest of the things will be taken care of by satisfied audiences.

  11. How to seek help? • So there are companies/ agencies who will help you meet the appropriate influencer according to the requirements of the brand called social media influencer agency like SocialChamps • Not only you will be helped with finding the right social media influencer but it also will help you with other marketing things that are required on high priority for the brandings.  • For more details Contact: +91 7410001361