bt mobility and convergence strategy update november 23 2006 n.
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BT Mobility and Convergence strategy update November 23, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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BT Mobility and Convergence strategy update November 23, 2006

BT Mobility and Convergence strategy update November 23, 2006

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BT Mobility and Convergence strategy update November 23, 2006

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  1. BT Mobility and Convergence strategy updateNovember 23, 2006

  2. Convergence creates opportunities Voice and Data Fixed and Mobile A fusion which allows customers to enjoy the best of both worlds Link up between voice and data communications Comms and IT Media and Network Enabling businesses to deliver the most appropriate information or communication when and where required Reinventing home entertainment

  3. Home Small office HSDPA GSM 3G Out and about Enterprise Seamless Technology- anywhere, anytime, anyplace Broadcast Wireless broadband at the heart of our strategy Wimax Broadband

  4. For Customers Simplicity - Access to applications and services on the move Power of one – mail, voicemail, bundle, application, service level…one device if you wish Freedom – choice of devices and wireless Connecting with home and office when on the move Always best connected – technology independent Quality and security Cheaper than normal mobile with richer applications For BT More places to connect with more devices and spend money More ARPU from applications and services Opportunity to bundle fixed and mobility services Lower unit cost – economies of scale Reduces churn The Prize - Opportunities for….

  5. At home - BT Home Hub- offering benefits for the family and home Home Next Generation Voice In/out of home and office Next Generation Voice Videophone Wireless NetworkPCs Next Generation TV Monitoring and Control Gaming Remote diagnostics and support 400k hubs distributed Q2

  6. BT Total Broadband – more than just Access

  7. At the small office - BT Business Hub - offering benefits to employees on the move Small office Next Generation Voice In / out of home and office Next Generation Voice Videophone Wireless NetworkPCs Audio and video conferencing Monitoring and control Productivity tools e.g. Exchange online Remote diagnostics and support 97k hubs distributed Q2

  8. BT Business One Plan- What is it? It all comes together with BT Business. BT Business One Plan packages your fixed, mobile and broadband needs together to save you time and money." Voice5p Landline Call Cap5% Reward on Spend Access5% Reward on Spend BT Business One Plan One Reward One Provider One Number One Bill BT Mobile25p Mobile Call Cap (Before End March)5% Reward on Spend Broadband5% Reward on Spend

  9. BT Fusion today - bluetooth Consumer and small businesses Home and Office Hubs Voice/SMS/GPRS solution UMA only BT Fusion tomorrow – Wi-Fi Consumer, Soho, SME and Business Travellers Home/Office hubs, BT Openzone (hotspot/wireless cities) and Private WLAN Voice/SMS/GPRS/Wifi UMA/SIP Samsung P200 WI-FI/UMA Nokia 6131 Wi-Fi UMA Motorola A910 WI-FI/UMA Award Winning World’s First… Home/Small Office

  10. BT Corporate Fusion: Site and Net Enterprise BT Corporate Fusion: Site (premise) solution BT Corporate Fusion: Net (hosted) solution 2 1 Home Hotel Existing PBX Infrastructure & Management Office Office Enterprise Estate Longer term capabilities BT 21CN Network Select pilots from September 2006* 2Q 2007 onwards* • BT Corporate Fusion Site, will be trialled with select BT customers • commencing in Q3 2006

  11. At home ADSL/Ethernet PSTN/ISDN 3G/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA Office Lan Ethernet Wi-Fi 3G/GPRS EDGE/HSDPA Hotel ADSL / Ethernet Wi-Fi ISDN/PSTN Homeworkers Lan Ethernet 3G/GPRS EDGE/HSDPA PSTN/ISDN On the road 3G/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA At the venue Wi-Fi, 3G+ Public places Wi-Fi 3G/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA PSTN/ISDN Mobile Xpress enables corporates to get rid of complexity… and optimise the association throughput/cost Enterprise

  12. Typical examples Classical methods Simplified method Hotel Credit card Credit card GPRS, EDGE 3G/UMTS/3G+ ADSL Credit card 50,000+ Hotspots Dial (PSTN/ISDN) in 150+ countries How? Enterprise • One ID • One dialer kit • One billing • One contact: BT

  13. Mobility and Convergence- at the heart of 21CN Wireless Cities 21CN Corporate Fusion/Enterprise WLAN Home/Business Broadband

  14. Access to the biggest footprint in the UK and Ireland with over 10,000 hotspots Access to over 30,000 hotspots globally Innovative offers driving take-up e.g. Corporate plan, £5/bundle, BT Total Broadband Largest wholesale Wi-Fi provider to customers such as O2, Orange, Vodafone and smaller ISPs to provide Wi-Fi to their customers as part of their overall offering Places to connect- BT Openzone hotspots Out and about Winner of BrainHeart European Wi-Fi Award 2005 Winner of WBIA Best Service Provider 2006

  15. BT Openzone for the business traveller Out and about 400 Hotels - HSIA Hilton, Rocco Forte, Ramada Jarvis, Folio Hotels Corus, Menzies, Forestdale Holiday Inn: Heathrow, Kensington Tulip Hotels, Spirit Group, Days Inn, Arden, Classic Hotels. 80 Airports / lounges 100 conferences / venues Excel, Vinopolis, Initial Style Tate, Etc Venues National Motor Cycle Millenniuum stadium BA lounges, Luton, BMI lounge, Cardiff, Heathrow, Belfast, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Stansted, Glasgow, Southampton,Prestwick, Inverness On the Road 1,000+ RoadChef Welcome Break McDonald’s Rail stations Payphones

  16. Phase 1 - roll out to 12 UK cities Wireless City uses existing street furniture (e.g. lampposts) to deploy low-powered transmitters in order to create high speed wireless broadband ‘hotspots’ Hotspots are be linked together to create a ‘cloud’ of access that’s ‘always on’ Devices connect securely via this ‘cloud’ to transmit and receive information from city council applications, to access the Internet, or to conduct voice calls Places to connect- BT Wireless Cities Out and about How does it work? How does it work? Roll out plan Phase 1 complete Launch March 2007 Summer 2007

  17. Wireless Cities- delivering value to businesses and communities Out and about Inward investment opportunities Library services Remote traffic congestion monitoring,cashless parking payments Remote access surveys licensing, noise monitoring and inspections Safer street environment, improving public security Education In the community - caring for our elderly Home learning

  18. Community Safety Out and about • WiFi Video Cameras • Movable Cameras • Digital storage • Wireless Enabled Devices • View video images • Community Safety Benefits • Wireless cameras can be quickly deployed and redeployed • Trouble can be moved out by having nowhere to hide • Cost-effective deployment of additional cameras • Footage is stored digitally and can be searched in a fraction of the time of analogue footage and saved to CD or DVD as appropriate.

  19. Wi-Fi devices – key driver for mobility and convergence Out and about Total wireless portable devices* • 245.9 million Wi-Fi portable devices globally by 2010* • 125.5 million in Europe* • 22 million by 2011 in UK alone* • Over 25 Wi-Fi/GSM devices by mid 2007 WiFi Alliance® certifies 3000th product August 2006 300.0 250.0 200.0 150.0 Devices (m) 100.0 50.0 0.0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Year * Source: Strategy Analytics & BTCTO. Data includes digital cameras, MP3 players, media players and portable game consoles.

  20. Looking to the future - BT continues to drive global momentum…through alliances Out and about • Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) • Established to drive the wireless broadband market globally • Driving ubiquitous global roaming • 26 member operators collectively operating over 50k hotspots • Fixed Mobile Convergence Alliance • Founded and chaired by BT • Established to accelerate the development of convergence solutions • 27 member operators represent over 800 million customers worldwide

  21. Looking to the future - BT continues to drive global momentum • Through partnerships • Intel, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, Yahoo, Cisco… • Through supporting the development of new technologies and devices • Leader in UMA • Deployed SIP Platform • Member of the WiMAX Forum • Member of Wi-Fi Alliance HSDPA Wi-Fi WiMAX Wi-Fi 3G

  22. Looking to the Future- BT WiMAX & Pre-WiMAX Trials Pre-WiMAX User TrialDesktop Modem & Laptop PCMCIA WiBro Technology TrialLaptop PCMCIA & PDA WiMAX 802.16 2004 Technology TrialDesktop Modem and Lampost WiMAX/Wi-Fi

  23. BT Mobility and Convergence strategy updateQ&A