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Social Networking

Social Networking. WEB 2.0 This Powerpoint can be found at my website: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~kirkpatr/think_tank. Wikipedia, a good example of Web 2.0. is a Socially Networked encyclopedia.

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Social Networking

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  1. Social Networking WEB 2.0 This Powerpoint can be found at my website: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~kirkpatr/think_tank

  2. Wikipedia, a good example of Web 2.0 is a Socially Networked encyclopedia

  3. Social Network Theory states there arenodes--the individual actorsties--the relationships between the actors

  4. networked serverthrough your computer to a server somewhere

  5. Web 2.0Usesserver applicationsas opposed to desktop applications on your computerCan you name some of these applications?

  6. You can joina social network like this:

  7. My SpaceYouTubeSecond LifeFlickrFacebookGoogle GroupsLinked In Or a Social Network Like These

  8. NEA on MySpaceApril 1, 2007 “It’s all part of the social networking revolution, in which users build personal pages and use those pages to share information, chat online, and keep in touch with others.”

  9. My SpacefromBusiness Week’spoint of view

  10. From BUSINESS WEEK “In less than two years, MySpace has emerged as one of the hottest sites on the Web. It has more page views than Google (GOOG ). And with 22 million members, and a growth rate of 2 million a month, it stands to rival MSN (MSFT ), Yahoo! (YHOO ) and AOL (TWX ) as one of the major destinations on the Web.” (JULY 2005)

  11. My Space in the TabloidsWhen violent crime strikes a social network, the ghosts of the dead start roaming the machines.Murder on MySpace

  12. Me on Myspace

  13. And then there's YouTubeINSIDE HIGHERED says

  14. From INSIDE HIGHER ED “If you don’t like what RateMyProfessors.com has done for the image of professors, get ready for the YouTube effect. YouTube is the immensely popular Web site where people post videos of themselves and their friends hanging out, doing mock television shows, watching television, or just about anything you can imagine in front of a video camera of some sort. Because YouTube is very popular with college students, it should probably come as no surprise that they are posting videos of course scenes on the Web site — and judging from interviews with the “stars” of these postings, the professors aren’t being asked or giving permission for the filming. Nonetheless, some of the videos feature professors’ names, disciplines and institutions.”

  15. Demonstrastion of Social Networking, Learning, and Just for fun at YouTubeYou Suck at Photoshop (part 2 of a 7 part series)

  16. Want a SECOND LIFE? In the “MySpace-meets-Matrix” online world of Second Life, everyone is sexy, real money flows, and pixels are the only limitation. Trailer

  17. French Politics in Second Life Washington Post article

  18. HARVARD OFFERS VIRTUAL CLASS IN SECOND LIFE replica of the university'sAmes Courtroom a course on argument users create avatars that they control, using them to move around the virtual environment and interact with others and with the virtual physical space. The class will take place totally online.

  19. Identity 2.0 Listen to Dick Hardt talk about online identity as a keynote speaker at the Open Source conference: http://identity20.com/media/OSCON2005/ “Really captures the complexities of participating in an online world and how identity is at the center of the Web experience.” - Dan Farber

  20. Why the social-media revolution will go out with a whimper (April 2007) Michael Hirschom Atlantic Monthly April 2007 WEB 2.0 = a bubble that will go away soon.

  21. From Atlantic Monthly:

  22. On to FACEBOOK Let’s Go Register! http://www.facebook.com

  23. Register Log In Edit profile Click on My Groups Find Group Called: THINK Tank'd and join it. Find me. That’s a start.

  24. FACEBOOK NEXT STEPS • Edit your profile. Add your picture. • Invite other group members to be your friends. • Find new friends besides me kirkpatr@hawaii.edu • Link your blog (ok--maybe you don’t have one) to your profile. • Find new information about your new friends. • Edit your profile some more. • Send messages to everyone or to your friends.

  25. We have barely scratched the surface. We didn’t even get to hive-minding!Maybe next year. So . . .

  26. Hive-Minding • “Friending” is not operative • User-Power Content • Shaping and evolving content gets done • Gaming includes social connections • Wikis • Shared bookmarks, discussions Content Rating (digg) Bookmarking and tagging (del.icio.us) Wikis Board Game Geeks Google APPS CiteULike

  27. Aloha a hui hou • Keep in touch via facebook • Start an iGoogle Web Page. • Let me know if you discover other cool social networking sites. • /judik aka kirkpatr aka jpork aka judikirkpatrick aka judito aka jud

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