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Social Networking

Social Networking. April 9, 2013. Develop a Personal Brand. Develop a Personal Brand. 4 Ps of Self-Branding . Place : Recognize your niche. Find a sphere of influence and stick to it. Don’t spread yourself too thin for too long.

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Social Networking

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  1. Social Networking April 9, 2013

  2. Develop a Personal Brand

  3. Develop a Personal Brand

  4. 4 Ps of Self-Branding • Place: Recognize your niche. Find a sphere of influence and stick to it. • Don’t spread yourself too thin for too long. • Product: Be consistent and recognizable. Build a brand around your core strengths, skills, and experience. • Promotion: Communicate your brand. • Price: Know your value. Investigate what others are making in your discipline/industry and be resolute. How to Create a Killer Personal Branding Campaign. Mashable, October 6, 2012

  5. Place: What/Where do you want? • What kind of work interests you? • Psychology is an inherently interdisciplinary discipline. • Psychologists are highly valued in other industries. • Reach out to people in all areas that interest you! • Pay the most attention to desirable positions! • Applying to academic and non-academic positions simultaneously is difficult. Allocate your time wisely. • Do not be scared of the non-academic job search! • Most non-academic job searches are location-based*.

  6. “Product”: Describe it, Know it. • Who are you? • Briefly describe your work. • What research questions do you seek to answer? • Incorporate essential buzzwords/key terms. • Know your elevator pitch! • Share personal info and skills (e.g., travel, hobbies). Write a self abstract!

  7. “Product”: Describe it, Know it. “I am trained in quantitative and qualitative survey methods and data analysis, as well as video and interactive media production. This unique skill set equips me to translate research into entertaining, effective content and marketing strategies that affect consumers and increase brand identity.”

  8. Promotion: Be Accessible

  9. Promotion: Be Accessible • Be Professionalcharisselpree.com • Twitter.com/charisselpree • YouTube.com/charisselpree • Be Personalcharisseiscool.com • Facebook.com/charisseiscool • LinkedIn.com/charisseiscool • Twitter.com/charisseiscool • YouTube.com/charisseiscool Use Common Sense…and Privacy Settings!

  10. Promotion: Social Networks

  11. Promotion: Social Networks • Mine your Social Networks for Social Capital! • Social Networking Sites ensure <6 Degrees of separation. • Individuals are the most credible persuasion source. • Don’t wait for an application; start conversations early! • Arrange casual chats, virtual or in real life (IRL). • Be direct, but not pushy. • Follow-up if necessary. Always be prepared!

  12. Price: What are you worth? • Consider (financial and social) cost of living • Negotiating a salary is hard! • Differences among Women & Minority/Stigmatized Groups • Focus on your target salary: You don’t get what you don’t ask for! • Consider your words and requests carefully • Research salaries of comparable positions, industries, universities, and education/skills. • FindTheData.org

  13. The most important thing to remember… Smile and Be Yourself!

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