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SureScore Higher Expectations. Higher Education. PowerPoint Presentation
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SureScore Higher Expectations. Higher Education.

SureScore Higher Expectations. Higher Education.

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SureScore Higher Expectations. Higher Education.

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    1. SureScore Higher Expectations. Higher Education.

    3. Guess that Job In your group, agree on a job title for each description and write the name of the job in the blank space provided. Answer the following questions: What are the major differences among the jobs? Which salaries surprised you? Which education levels? Which jobs would be the best for you? Why? Divide students into groups of 4 or 5. Distribute the job descriptions to each group. Discuss students responses as a class.Divide students into groups of 4 or 5. Distribute the job descriptions to each group. Discuss students responses as a class.

    4. An Introduction to the PSAT The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, is a standardized test that measures critical reading skills, math problem solving skills, and writing skills Students who take the PSAT in 11th grade enter the competition for scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation

    5. PSAT Basics 2 hours and 10 minutes long Includes 5 separately timed sections Two 25-minute critical reading sections Two 25-minute math sections One 30-minute writing section

    6. Critical Reading Two 25-minute sections 48 questions 13 sentence completion questions 35 critical reading questions

    7. Critical Reading Passages range from 450 to 850 words Types of Questions: Draw conclusions Facts, assumptions, and inferences Logic, style, and tone Vocabulary in context Literal comprehension questions Paired passage questions

    8. Math

    9. Writing One 30-minute section 39 questions 14 identifying sentence errors 20 improving sentences 5 improving paragraph questions Questions cover: Grammar Usage Ability to use language in a clear and consistent manner Revision and editing

    10. Vocabulary Basics

    11. Vocabulary Basics Words, words, words Learn to recognize parts of words Look for word roots within unfamiliar words Use context clues to figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words

    12. Prefixes and Suffixes Alter meaning when added to a word Prefix - added to the beginning of a word Example: discord dis- - away or against cor - heart Meaning: disagreement or war Suffix - added to the end of a word Example: tactful -ful - full of tact - sense of touch Meaning: keen sense of what to do or say to keep good relations

    13. Prefixes

    14. Suffixes

    15. Practice the Strategy ___ the effects of anesthesia ___ to converse with a neighbor ___ the implacable client ___ disparity between accounts ___ an untrue allegation ___ amenable to the idea To exchange thoughts and opinions in speech; talk Willing The condition or fact of being unequal A partial or total loss of the sense of pain, touch, etc. Not to be placated or pleased A positive assertion 1. D, 2. A, 3. E, 4. C, 5. F, 6. B1. D, 2. A, 3. E, 4. C, 5. F, 6. B

    16. Know What Colleges Expect Class rank This shows colleges how you compare with the other students in your class. In Texas, graduating in the top 10% of your class admits you to any public school in the state. Recommendations from teachers and counselors Build relationships early on and you will have no trouble getting great recommendations. Application essay Most colleges will require that you write an essay as part of the application. Demonstrated interest in the college