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Higher Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Higher Education

Higher Education

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Higher Education

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  1. Higher Education Is it for you?

  2. How much will it cost? How do I chose?

  3. HE: The Money • Key Facts: • No up front costs • You only have to repay once you finish your course and ONLY if you are earning enough money • Low earners (below £21,000) never repay • After 30 years debt that is left wiped out

  4. HE: The Money (2014) Tuition fee Living Costs

  5. HE: The Money (2014 Entry) Tuition Fee You can get an amount to cover the fee your university or college charges you. This could be up to £9,000 depending on what the university charges. Maintenance Grant Helps with your living costs while you are studying (for example, food, books, travel and other expenses). You can get up to £3,387 depending on your household income. The table below is a rough guide to how much you could get.

  6. HE: The Money(2014) Maintenance Loan This is to help with your living costs while you are studying. All students eligible for finance can get a loan. You can get up to the following depending on whether you are living at home or away: Living with parents £4,418 Living away but outside London £5,555 Studying in London (not with parents) £7,751

  7. Overall Living Costs Support (living away from home outside London)

  8. There are other sources of financial support: • Bursaries and Scholarships: offered by some universities • Childcare Grant • Parents’ Learning Allowance • Adult Dependents’ Grant • National Scholarship Programme • Disabled Students Allowances • NHS bursaries for certain degree courses • If you think you may be eligible for any of these and need more information to make a decision on higher education speak to Kieron Potter the College Finance Adviser

  9. Why not use the Student Finance Calculator to find out how much you may be eligible to receive?

  10. Repayments: The example below shows what you might repay each month depending on your income.

  11. Another example: Salary = £28,000 repayment calculated on £7,000 (i.e. £28,000 - £21,000) 9% of £7,000 = £630 Divided by the twelve months of the year = £52.50 per month

  12. Considerations Do you want to wave goodbye to your parents and live away? Or do you want to live at home and keep costs down? Do you have or will you achieve the results/tariff points they require? Do you want to study surrounding by green fields and nice countryside or…. Do you want to be where it’s all happening in a city? What kind of assessment suits you best?

  13. What Next? • UCAS Website • University Open Days • Events: • College Higher Education Forum 12th Feb 2014 • Merseyside HE Conference held at Liverpool University 11th – 12thJune 2014 • Options Centre here and at Technology Campus

  14. UCAS • Registration can be started in June at College. College Buzzword required . Available June 2014 • Deadline for UCAS on time applications: • 15th October (Oxford, Cambridge and applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Vet Science • 15th January most other courses (some Art exceptions

  15. Other Options?........... • Employment? • A degree not related to your course? • Gap Year? • If you need to discuss your ideas arrange an appointment with your linked College Careers Adviser by calling into Options (AF101)