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IVF Cost In India, IVF, IVF Treatment, IVF Success Rate

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IVF Cost In India, IVF, IVF Treatment, IVF Success Rate

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  1. IVF COST IN INDIA • Reproduction is the process wherein there is fusion of the male and female gametes resulting • in the exchange of genetic material, thus forming a new individual with an entirely different • genotype.

  2. IVF COST IN INDIA • Mammals reproduce through sexual reproduction but technology now allows mammals to • reproduce “asexually” through the process of in vitro fertilization. In this technique, the • entire process of fertilization takes place outside a woman’s body. This involves extracting a • womans eggs, fertilizing the eggs in the laboratory with sperm, and then transferring the • resulting embryo(s) into the womans uterus through the cervix (embryo transfer) where it can • develop. Most couples transfer two embryos; however, more may be transferred in certain • cases. IVF is the most common form of ART and it is often the treatment of choice for a • woman with blocked, severely damaged, or absent fallopian tubes.


  4. IVF COST IN INDIA Indications For IVF

  5. IVF COST IN INDIA Evaluation & Preparation of a Couple • Proper evaluation of infertile couple before IVF is very important for success of IVF • and prevention of complications. Any ART procedure should be preceded by • traditional fertility workup & at this stage it should be decided whether ART should • be instituted, postponed for other treatment modalities or refused to the couple. Once • the patient has been selected to undergo ART treatment, thorough testing of patient • should be undertaken to correct any problems which may lead to IVF failure. At this • stage, it should also be decided whether specific procedure such as egg, sperm or • embryo donation is required.

  6. IVF COST IN INDIA Routine Tests Before Proceeding For IVF Baseline Hormones To Test For Ovarian Reserve Semen Analysis Semen Culture And Sensitivity Strict Sperm Morphology

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