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IVF | IVF treatment in Bangalore

IVF is a technique of original test-tube baby,a process by which an egg and sperms are fertilized in a lab by resulting embryo are placed into the uterus.

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IVF | IVF treatment in Bangalore

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  1. Things To Know Before Taking The IVF Treatment Introduction The process of conceiving a child, giving birth and finally nurturing it with all the love and affection you have is truly a beautiful process and sometimes nature works in ways you may not like. Some women face difficulty in conceiving due to several reason, it could be due to an inhospitable environment where the sperm is destroyed or the sperm has low motility which doesn’t let the sperm reach all the way to the egg. So you may choose to undergo in vitro fertilization which is the fusion of the sperm and egg under artificial conditions and under man made terms. This IVF treatment in Bangalore has been on the rise and has proven effective in bringing joy to several households. An IVF clinic in Bangalore has said that that this treatment is relatively safe and simply boosts the chance of conceiving. Here are some pointers one should know. What you need to know Firstly you need to know what IVF exactly is. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, it is the process of joining a sperm and an egg outside of the human body in a lab. This process is done with the help of a skilled professional who extracts the egg and collects the sperm to then fuse and form a zygote. Fertility drugs are certain medications assigned for you to take before the treatment starts. These drugs are only to stimulate follicle production. Follicle production then produces eggs. The goal of this medication is to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs so that the chances of fertilization is much higher. After the sperm and eggs have been harvested, they are mixed together and placed in an incubator to be watched closely. No clinic is allowed to boast the success rate of IVF treatments as these procedures are critical. A single cycle of IVF treatment may not ensure pregnancy and often one has to go through several such cycles. The success rate of in vitro fertilization depends upon the age and health status. The older the woman, the lower is the success rate. Failure to conceive after IVF is not the clinic’s fault but in fact, the rate is dependent on your body and environmental factors. The transfer of eggs into the woman takes place after a few days, so that the egg has had enough time to form a zygote. Some centres do the transfer at the “cleavage” state whereas some do it at the “blastocyst” state. This transfer takes place with the help of a catheter and guided by an ultrasound. Often, multiple embryos are placed inside the uterus to increase the chance of a successful implantation. Sometimes due to a very fertile environment, multiple

  2. implantation can also take place resulting in multiple births.After implantation you will be prescribed a hormone therapy as the manipulation of the ovaries can lead to an imbalance. The risks of an IVF procedure are little to none, ranging from mild nausea from the anesthesia to light bleeding. IVF treatment is a costly procedure and you should always chart out your expenses to see how many cycles you can afford in case of negative results in the first cycle. Conclusion In conclusion, infertility IVF treatment in Bangalore is a new boon to the society, allowing woman to regain a chance to motherhood.

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