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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design

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  1. Responsive Web Design We Design Custom Web Sites & Applications visit our website

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  3. A website built using responsive design is fully optimized for all devices. The site knows which device it is being viewed on and dynamically updates its format, layout and inputs to match each user device. Responsive Web Design Vancouver visit our website

  4. This means users on smartphones get a native smartphone experience, users on tablets get a native tablet experience, and desktop and laptop users get a native computer experience. Mobile Friendly Website Design visit our website

  5. The number of internet users on mobile devices has now surpassed those on computers. That’s right, more than 50% of all internet users are mobile users, and that number keeps growing. Mobile Friendly Website Design Vancouver visit our website

  6. Mobile-optimized websites perform better across all key performance indicators. Responsive sites generate more revenue, lead submissions and newsletter signups, while having much lower bounce rates than desktop sites. Responsive Design is the easiest solution for a mobile friendly website. Development time is fast and responsive solutions are cost-effective. The alternative is a separate mobile site, which is not only clunky but also expensive. Web Development Vancouver Mobile optimization is one of the primary ranking factors in search engine optimization. visit our website


  8. We Offer Quality Services We build professional websites for modern businesses, which means there are things we include in every site, no matter what. We develop custom websites. This lets us address the specific needs and objectives of each business individually, and craft the perfect solution. OUR SERVICES visit our website


  10. We compile the project details and write the documentation. We research design & user experience (UX) patterns based on the project’s industry and requirements. We create the project strategy & timeline. Web Applications Development Vancouver visit our website

  11. We create design variations for the major pages on the site, including options for style, layout, colour & typography. Clients provide feedback and we refine the site designs accordingly. We iterate this process until we get the design just right. Custom Programming Services visit our website

  12. We code the site designs into the final website, integrating 3rd party functionality like plug-in, newsletter, Google Maps, and CMS. We perform Quality Assurance testing across major browsers & devices, and we test and optimize website speed. Custom Programming Services Vancouver visit our website

  13. When the site is approved by the client we bring it online and perform a final test of all features and final optimizations. Then we launch the site. During the early launch cycle, our team will continue to check in on features & performance. Custom Web Development Vancouver visit our website

  14. Every site we build is fully mobile optimized, ensuring your visitors a cutting-edge user experience on all smartphone, tablet & desktop devices. Every site we build is a custom project fitted to your particular needs, so our prices vary for each one.Here are some popular configurations to start from. Custom Web Development visit our website

  15. From content structure to coding, we ensure all aspects of project development are optimized for maximum search engine visibility. We build websites that are ready for marketing initiatives – for everything from AdWords Marketing to Social Media Marketing to Print Campaigns. Web Development Vancouver visit our website

  16. Trackstar Web Design was founded in 2009 as a sister company to Trackstar Media, a Vancouver-based production company with a focus on video marketing and commercial video production. Leveraging its experience in marketing, advertising and media relations, and a corporate client list including Best Buy, Scotiabank and the Grey Cup, Trackstar Web Design would fill a growing need among its clients - for high quality, user-friendly web sites and applications and effective online marketing solutions. Web Development visit our website


  18. Trackstar Web Design has since built a portfolio of hundreds of projects across all areas of web design, development, and online marketing - sites to launch startups, grow small businesses, and give corporations new ways to interact with their clients. Responsive Web Design Vancouver visit our website

  19. Trackstar’s body of work includes a website for an American Senior’s magazine, a European-based job search portal, sites and applications for Canadian and American insurance agencies, an online loan request system, and a portal for Visual Effects artists in Film and Television. Responsive Web Design visit our website

  20. Custom Web Development Custom Web Development visit our website