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Tennis Court Cleaning Tips by Talbot Tennis PowerPoint Presentation
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Tennis Court Cleaning Tips by Talbot Tennis

Tennis Court Cleaning Tips by Talbot Tennis

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Tennis Court Cleaning Tips by Talbot Tennis

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  1. Tennis Court Cleaning Tips

  2. With the passage of time tennis court will get rough and tough to play. And you know the cleaning materials are not enough to take care of your court. What needs to be done is that you should clean the court thoroughly with time to time. By doing this the life of the court will be long. You must follow the cleaning tips to ensure that your court cannot be affected by anything.

  3. To protect your court from premature stains you should clean your court regularly. And it is very important that you should clean the court once in a month.

  4. Do you know how acrylic coat get affected? If not than you should know that it will be affected by the unpleasant substances or food. And to clean the surface you should make a solution by applying two parts of household bleach and one part of water and mix it and than apply to the affected areas with the brush and scrub the affected areas.

  5. You can use detergent as well for the cleaning of stains on the court and the cleaning of court is must in a month to ensure with the water for mild stains.

  6. There are few things which also affects the tennis court. This things may be pine needles, leaves, mould or moss. Because of these the tennis court may be discolored or damaged. To avoid discoloring or any damage you should make sure to keep clean your court from these things.

  7. Make sure the elements that creates debris should be cleaned. The water that stands on the court is also a big factor of causing debris. Make sure that water will be cleared from the court.

  8. Always remember that the court either it is asphalt or concrete it will damage or cracked with the passage of time. The reason for this is due to ground movement, sinking, tree root, low quality material or improper construction.

  9. To avoid such issues it is very important that you must hire a proper and best professional to construct your tennis court. So they will take care of all such things while constructing the court.

  10. There are lots of cleaning material available in the market. You can clean the court with nylon brooms. Also there are water brooms available in the market which are more affective than the nylon brooms as they are quicker and reliable. Their consumption of fuel is very much low.

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