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  1. Mistake To Avoid When Adding Images In Email Marketing An Image can enhance your whole E-mail Marketing campaigns, it is easier to convey your message in more effective way with images. Research says, our brains reacts 60,000 times much faster towards visually imaginary than plain text and more than 90% of people admitted that visually imaginary affects their mind to made a purchase. Images put directly impact on readers mind to get more personalized But, wait! Before go ahead. You should know that it could also ruin your whole campaign, if you choose wrong size and format of images, if you choose wrong color of images or if you choose duplicate images. Readers are very smart, your one mistake can slip the chance to convert readers into your future customers. So, here is the most common mistakes to avoid when adding images in email marketing.

  2. Mistake #1: Avoid Jumbo size or Gigantic images Big size images may longer time to complete load. If your images doesn’t load in 3 to 4 seconds than you lose your future customers because they don’t have patience to wait and even, no one has patience to wait. So, always focus to use images that have decrease in size. Mistake #2: Avoid to use wrong file extension There are many file extension that you could use to save your images like- JPEG, GIFs, PNGs, SVG but make sure, you are aware of the merits & demerits of these file extension. JPEG has rich color images but compress file size while GIFs are lower quality images. PNGs has support many colors than GIFs while SVG’s images are sharp and clear on any devices. So, make sure you choose right and best file extension whether it will be JPEG or SVG or something else. Choose wisely according to your comfort. Mistake #3: Avoid to use wrong resolution Size matters a lot when you’re running a campaign. Have you noticed? Visiting Card making agencies also focus to make visiting card in right and perfect resolution size that fits to every pocket then why not with images. Use images only with right resolution that comfortably fits to every devices. Mistake #4: Avoid to use too many Over excessive always hurts to you, it badly affects your business and even it could ruin your campaign. Use limited content that express your purpose and readers can comfortably read. Along with, avoid to use too many images, use only 1 or maximum 2 images which helps to convey your message easily.

  3. Mistake #5: Avoid to use internet stock photos Many people always focus to scratch internet to use photos in email marketing campaign but they didn’t even think that these photographs can badly affect your campaign. Internet Stock Photos could be a less-time consuming option but many common and overused stock photos are available on the Internet. So, always focus to create your own graphic image or have own photo shoot but if you don’t have to time more then you just have to choose right and different stock image that suitable fits your campaign and brand with some editing effects. Mistake #6: Avoid to use wrong color Choice your brand color according to your business nature that means if you have a business of “Herbs” then you have to choose right color that directly tells your brand (i.e. Green), you can’t use bubbly pink or hot red or midnight blue or other misleading color to describe your brand. Mistake #7: Avoid to not providing “take action button” Images impact more on reader’s mind to catch the attention, there is no doubt but what is the purpose of your email marketing campaign? Is this to take an action by customers, right! You can’t depend on images completely. Not providing an action button could stop your campaign at the same. For an example, if you’re running an Orphanage and want to get donations - images can make your campaign more personalized but not give an action button could ruin your efforts. So, always focus to give an action button option to take action on the spot. Mistake #8: Avoid to use default file name Many people didn’t focus on to change the image file name, they uses images with their default name, whether it’s a problem of their camera or internet stock photos. But, not change the

  4. image name gives a negative effect that could affect your site rank because when we’re talking about SEO, it’s important to make description, use Keyword and Meta tag to get better ranking. Search Engines not only crawl on the text that you written on your website but it’s also crawling your image file names with keywords that you put on your site. Mistake #9: Avoid to use images without description (ALT Tag) People overpass to add description of images just like they overpass to change image file name. Without description of images is like without identity of a man. A man without identity is not possible same as images also needs to describe their purpose or describe their title and it also helps to increase your website rank. An image of without title or description has identity less or address less, search engines unable to find right copyrights of your without description images. Use The Power Of Images To Showcase Your Best Avoid to use these mistakes (mention above) in your email marketing campaign. You have to use only that type of images which directly tells about your brand, about your business or about your campaign. Images made a positive impact on our mind to get more personalized with the message you provided. You have to find out that which images or which types of images are going to best fits with your brand and with your next email marketing campaign.