world s first marijuana mall n.
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Marijuana Mall

Marijuana Mall

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Marijuana Mall

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  1. World’s First Marijuana Mall In case you haven’t noticed, weed is everywhere. It is so close to becoming legal that there are literally workplaces in Colorado (one of the states where recreational marijuana is currently legal) where you are encouraged to get high on your lunch break to up your productivity and help you get through the day. It should be no surprise then, that Colorado will be the upcoming building site for the world’s first marijuana mall.

  2. Located in Trinidad, Colorado, the mall is scheduled to open in April. Side note, obviously it’s got a Carib name, right? According to developers Chris Elkins and Sean Sheridan, Trinidad is the perfect place to build because they can put five dispensaries right beside each other due to town regulations. The developers have already received permits and purchased a building, so they are just waiting on approval to move forward. The other four businesses in the mini-mall are marijuana-based, so having an actual weed mall is the natural next step. Say what you will about people who smoke marijuana, but Colorado has been doing amazing since they legalized it, so chances are this isn’t the last time you are going to hear about a marijuana mall. Source: