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Top Benefits of Swift for iOS App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Benefits of Swift for iOS App Development

Top Benefits of Swift for iOS App Development

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Top Benefits of Swift for iOS App Development

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  1. Top Benefits of Swift for iOS App Development

  2. About the Swift programming language, what is trending? • In a world in which it’s incredibly difficult to break into the Top 25 of language rankings, let alone the Top 10, Swift managed the chore in less than four years.

  3. Super Open-Source Community • On 3rd Dec 2015, Apple announced Swift to be an open source iOS programming language. • The benefit of a programming language being an open source is that there are a lot more chances to make it a developer-friendly programming language.

  4. Easy Code Readability • Swift is one programming language whose code is easiest to read and write. • This is just a simple syntax for using the For-In method with iPhoneapp developmentlanguage– Swift.

  5. Easy Code Maintenance

  6. C always had this drawback to maintain two code files to improve the build time and the efficiency of the code developed using C – (.h) header file and (.m) implementation file. • But, with Swift, all the content of the header (.h) and implementation (.m) files are combined in just one file that is (.swift). • So, iPhone app developers don’t need to maintain two code files in Swift and can work on more functional areas such as app logic.

  7. Speedy App Development

  8. When we talk about speed, this is a must-read post by Maxim Zaks on “10 thousand times faster Swift”.  • Here, he explains how he brought FlatBuffers to Swift which proved Swift to be much, much faster than any other language. • Have a look at the previous image as well. It says that Swift programming language is around 2.6x faster than Objective C.

  9. Compatible with Objective-C • Swift is similar to C, but it is not made out of C programming language. • iPhoneapp developers import the framework of Objective-C and use its classes and methods using Swift syntax. So, interoperability of Swift with Objective-C let the developers utilize the Objective-C APIs.

  10. Less error-prone • Nil (null) pointers are handled in different ways in Objective-C. • Swift comes with an option to define the values as optional types or value types. • This means, while defining the method, the iPhone app developer can define whether the value exists or it is nil (null).

  11. Supported by Multiple Devices • Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. that supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac devices. • Swift is not just limited to, support Apple devices, but, Linux and Windows devices as well. • Swift is not going to just limit it to Apple devices. It will support multiple devices across the technology world.

  12. Supported by Dynamic Libraries What are Dynamic Libraries? • Dynamic libraries are executable codes that help to link one version of the Swift app to different versions of the app. • In Swift, dynamic libraries work to update the apps. The new version code is uploaded to the memory. This reduces the initial size of the Swift app making it the most performing app.

  13. Backed by “Playgrounds”

  14. The beginners can initiate learning Swift with data visualizations without having the in-depth knowledge of the Swift programming language. • The experts use Swift Playgrounds to write the code and test it without creating an entire app.

  15. Improved Performance • As per Apple’s announcement, Swift is 3.4X quicker than Objective C. • Some research and study of tech experts prove code execution is more quicker than Objective C.  • Swift supports dynamic libraries and multiple devices that improve the speed at which the apps are developed and updated.

  16. Thank You • The Swift programming language seems to be the future of developing high-performing and secured apps. • Feel free to reach us if you are looking for iOS application development services, feel free to contact us • Visit: • Email: • Skype: • Call: +917940034811