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  1. Horror (Child’s Play) What narrative is given to us? • We know just by the fact that it is a horror film that there is going to be jump scares and evil objects. From this what do you expect the rest of the films narrative will be from the little information you have seen? • We know that the rest of the films is going to have something to do with the chucky doll that was possessed and that the man who possessed it had evil intentions.

  2. Child’s play Who is the targeted audience for this film ? • This film has been targeted towards a ,once again, mostly male audience of ages 15-30. How do we know this from the opening sequence and titles? • We know this as the scene is based on the possession of a child’s toy which includes younger age groups in terms of who they are targeting this film at. Older members of the audience will come for the horror element and the thrill of it.

  3. Child’s play How many characters are introduced and what information do we know about them? What assumptions can you make about them ? How has their representation been constructed through the technical elements? • In this opening scene we are introduced to only one character, Charles Lee Ray/Chucky. We know that he is a criminal as he is running from a cop. We also know that he is mentally unstable. We watch him move his spirit into the Chucky doll.

  4. Child’s play Do you think this is a successful opening scene? • I think that it is a successful opening scene as the audience is left with so many questions such as why was Charles running from the police and what happens to the person drove off in the van. It makes the audience want to know why all of it happened.

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