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Horror. “A horror film is a film that is intended to be very frightening” -http://www.collinsdictionary.com /. The woman in black.

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  1. Horror • “A horror film is a film that is intended to be very frightening” • -http://www.collinsdictionary.com/

  2. The woman in black Text in films, is written and portrayed in a font that relates to the genre that it is a part of, for example, the text here is smokey and mysterious, almost ghostly, which is why it is appropriate for The Woman In Black, a horror film with links to ghosts. The smokey depiction is also constant throughout, with the film company being the first thing we see in the trailer, and the title coming later on, near the end of the trailer and then a release time to give some indication of when the film will be available to see. It is a very dark and gloomy template and this conveys the themes of death and darkness.

  3. The Woman in black The lighting within this trailer is very dark and this creates a very sinister atmosphere and the dark also gives the impression of something being hidden from the audience, playing on the enigma code theory, where the audience will then be intrigued to watch the film as they hope to discover answers to the questions they have, trying to work out the plot. The shots of fire are also used in a way where the audience can tell there’s a lot of action at the point depicted and is a key moment, but leaves them with questions such as ‘how did the fire start in the first place?’

  4. The woman in black The Mise-en-scene here, depicts Daniel Radcliffe’s character with bags under his eyes and this shows how uncomfortable he is as all the events and actions take place around him, he is suffering from a lack of sleep and the audience wonder, maybe this is because of the disturbed environment he is in within the scene, as the black, dark and gloomy house where the scene is set, gives the impression of darkness and death and appears very sinister, the light on Radcliffe’s face also shows his good nature juxtaposed with his dark eyes, almost as though he has seen too much horror and darkness that his eyes have been consumed.

  5. The woman in black The establishing shot from a long range angle shows that the house is very important and a main part of the film. The dead bushes and dilapidated house also convey the idea of death and decay, setting the stereotypical scene for a horror film.

  6. The woman in black Blood is used in this shot which is stereotypical of the horror genre, and is very dark and gothic, not only this, but this shot also opens up for a lot of new different questions, such as ‘who is the person the writing talks about?’ and ‘who’s blood is it?’.

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