why led corn bulb can be a suitable grow light n.
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Why LED Corn Bulb? PowerPoint Presentation
Why LED Corn Bulb?

Why LED Corn Bulb?

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  1. Why LED Corn BuLB Can Be a SuitaBle Grow-liGht BulB? A CustomEr AskED i want to have a suitable grow-light for plant vegetation. i am initiating the process with 10 plants now to grow more plants later. what is the best kind of leD light/bulb to obtain full spectrum for most effective vegetation? and, what are the other factors that i should be considering? WE AnsWErED! You will come across many kinds of grow-lights in the market but not all can be considered good because of the following reasons.  the fluorescent grow-lights as one of the earliest grow-lights look more purple in color than either blue or red.  the halogen lights though can provide a full-spectrum light to any plant but since they emit lot of heat and are also less energy-efficient than even fluorescents, they came to be discarded long back. LEDmyPLACE offErs onE of thE most ExtrAorDinAry BuLBs - LED Corn BuLB this bulb is widely becoming popular as grow-light because of the following factors.  when compared with any of the conventional light bulbs, it offers both blue and red color in good amounts which is actually needed by most plants.  For plant vegetation, spacing between the plants and the light is important. an leD corn bulb with 360 degree lighting can provide lighting all corners and hence preferred by most plant-growers.  the closer a light bulb will be to the plant, the less wattage you will need and hence more savings in energy. an LED corn bulb of 20w by all means can bring 75-80% savings in energy by replacing the conventional light of 100 watts.  leD corn bulb has an excellent heat dissipation system, so best for plant-growth.