why xoar propellers are the industry leading n.
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Why XOAR Propellers Are the Industry-Leading Standard PowerPoint Presentation
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Why XOAR Propellers Are the Industry-Leading Standard

Why XOAR Propellers Are the Industry-Leading Standard

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Why XOAR Propellers Are the Industry-Leading Standard

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  1. Why XOAR Propellers Are the Industry-Leading Standard XOAR is the go-to source for everyone from drone-flying professionals to amateurs. Their drone motor line is respected across the industry and their high-performing propellers are incomparable. The quality and incredible performance of their props are due to several factors. Broadly, though, that excellence is due to production materials and the production process. Carbon Fiber Props Carbon fiber has recently become the go-to material that the UAV community turns to when they want to upgrade their props. It makes sense as carbon fiber is ultralight and ultra-strong, making it perfectly suited for drone propellers. Some pilots prefer propellers that break more easily in case of falls and crashes, to diffuse energy and protect the rest of the drone. Many UAV pilots, however, prefer the strength of carbon fiber for its many other benefits. Beechwood Props While being light and beautifully aerodynamically designed to optimize flight, one benefit cited by users is that beechwood drone and RC propellerswill break on impact, taking that fall damage in similar ways to break-away frames on cars.

  2. Far more importantly, they are designed to meet the absolute top standard of manufacturing excellence. First, each prop is imaged, perfected, and approved in a digital imaging process. Each blade profile is created with computerized numerical control (CNC) machining. After being semi-finished by the CNC process, every propeller is manually finished to ensure the highest level of smoothness and balance. They’re then coated with four layers of primer and gloss to protect them, ensure smoothness of texture, and prevent corrosion. Once complete, every XOAR propeller is then manually rebalanced, with selections from every batch tested on an actual engine. Cutting-Edge Production Process In addition to the superior material, all of XOAR’s RC and drone propellers are designed with the following factors at the forefront of the process, ensuring they’re the standard-setter in the industry. Trailing Edges Symmetry The addition of perfectly symmetrical airfoil increases the range, for every UAV, of angles of attack, avoiding spin-stall. Pre-Balanced During Production Every prop, both carbon fiber and beechwood, is balanced in every stage of its production. That guarantees it’s ready to fly right out of the package. Leading Edged Pitch Angle Each portion of the production process and the most precise prop measurements are certified to the GB/T19001-2000 IDT ISO9001-2000 standard. Hub Process All XOAR props are processed from the hub to the tip, providing superior stability by eliminating any visible edges. Take your UAV to new heights with XOAR props, at