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Leading the Global Standard

Leading the Global Standard

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Leading the Global Standard

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  1. Leading the Global Standard A Strategy in progress…… Amanda O’Brien 21 March 2013

  2. Leading the Global standard The Vision ‘ONE WORLD, ONE STANDARD’ Leading global standards in procurement and supply The Mission • To be recognised as the global standard setter in procurement and supply • To support and be the trusted advisor to our members and the profession • Increase public confidence in public sector spending by supporting Governments • To provide a cradle to grave education opportunity to all

  3. Why does Leading the Global standard matter? Royal Charter Imperatives: ‘To promote and develop for the public benefit the art and science of purchasing and supply and to encourage the promotion and development of improved methods of purchasing and supply in all organisations’. ‘To promote and maintain for the benefit of the public high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among those engaged in purchasing and supply’. ‘To educate persons engaged in the practice of purchasing and supply by means of examination and other methods of assessment to test the skill and knowledge of persons desiring to enter the Institute’.

  4. CIPS INSIDE Global Standards in Procurement and Supply PUBLIC SECTOR DRIVERS PRIVATE SECTOR DRIVERS Applied Learning Academic Qualifications CIPS INSIDE CIPS Global Standards in Procurement and Supply Corporate Award Multinational Customs & Practice Government / Local National Standards CIPS INSIDE MCIPS CIPS INSIDE MCIPS Guiding Principles & Values CIPS/NIGP Masters Level Specialist Awards Organisational Certification

  5. CIPS Professional Journey – The Vision Fellowship (service to the profession) Chartered Member Licence to Practice Postgraduate Level Full Masters Postgraduate Level Executive Diploma Experiential Route to Charter (Masters Level) Masters Level Corporate Award Masters Level Specialist Awards MCIPS – Licence to Operate CIPS Qualification Levels 2 - 6 CIPS Corporate Award Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner GEN Y Route Apprenticeships Academic Route Qualifications Corporate Applied Learning Route CIPS Global Standard in Procurement and Supply

  6. Your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated……. • Do you agree with the principles of CIPS being the Global Standard setter for Procurement and Supply? • The four possible work themes of this strategy are: • Theme 1 – CIPS Inside - The Global Standard • Theme 2 - CIPS First - The Professional Journey • Theme 3 - CIPS First – Young People • Theme 4 – Licence to Practice • Is there anything else we should be considering? • What would success look like in 2017? • It will take time and considerable resources (human and fiscal) to deliver this strategy – what would be your order of priority? Thank You

  7. Position and influence of procurement and supply CIPS Global Standard in Procurement and Supply Draft – work in progress • External environment in procurement and supply • Managing self and personal skills for procurement and supply • Levels of responsibility for procurement and supply • Technology in procurement and supply • Developing teams and individuals in procurement and supply • TacticalCapability to apply key tasks associated with the work of procurement and supply.Typical job roles: Administrative Assistant, Purchasing Assistant, Contracts Administrator, Stock Controller, Inventory Planner, Assistant Buyer and Assistant Contracts Officer.Operational Provision of advice and guidance to key stakeholders on the performance of organisational procedures and processes connected with procurement and supply.Typical job roles: Buyer, Procurement Executive, Procurement Specialist, Contracting Officer, Supply Chain Analyst, Logistics Analyst and Supply Chain Planner. • ManagerialExpertise to develop, improve and fulfil organisational and functional objectives in procurement and supply.Typical job roles:Senior Buyer, Chief Buyer, Category Manager, Contract Manager, Contract Officer, Logistics Manager and Supply Chain ExecutiveStrategicAbility to formulate direction and advice, change management, leading and influencing both internal and external stakeholders in procurement and supply.Typical job roles:Strategic Procurement Manager, Head of Commercial, Supply Chain Manager, Head of Logistics and Operations Manager • Spend management in procurement and supply • Metrics and measurement in procurement and supply • Delivering outcomes in procurement and supply • Contracting in procurement and supply • Sourcing and negotiating in procurement and supply • InfrastructureProcessPerformancePeople development Appendix One

  8. The Global Standard links to CIPS Products and Services Appendix Two