6 tactics for lead generation using social media n.
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Social Media Marketing Consultant in Perth PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing Consultant in Perth

Social Media Marketing Consultant in Perth

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Social Media Marketing Consultant in Perth

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  1. 6 Tactics For Lead Generation Using Social Media

  2. Did you know 98% of sales and marketing leaders see value in social selling in the short and long term? So, how do you go about using social media for lead generation? Let’s look at some of the best ways to start filling the sales funnel for your team.

  3. SHARE LINKS TO GATED CONTENT When using social media for lead generation, you can promote gated content by sharing a link to a landing page where potential readers provide their information before gaining access to the content.

  4. RUN CONTESTS There are a couple of different ways to allow people to enter a contest for lead generation through social media: • Enter by retweeting/sharing/liking/following • Click through to a landing page

  5. USE SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING Using highly specific target audiences to promote gated content is a great way to keep advertising costs low while ensuring the leads you collect meets certain desirable criteria. • Facebook lead ads • Instagram lead ads • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

  6. USE FACEBOOK CUSTOM TABS Your Facebook Business Page is a great venue for lead generation on social media. If you work with a developer, you can create custom tabs from scratch, but there are also plenty of Facebook Page apps that will help you create custom tabs, including lead generation forms, without knowing any code or investing in social media lead generation software.

  7. HOST A HANGOUT, WEBINAR, OR LIVE VIDEO Google+ hangouts and live videos on social media are additional video options that can be used for lead generation through social media. There are two approaches to generating leads with live video, hangouts, and webinars. The first option is to present the video as gated content, requiring interested viewers to register in advance by providing their contact information.

  8. ENGAGE IN SOCIAL SELLING Social selling combines elements of social listening, lead generation, and sales practices, but is essentially all about establishing and building relationships.

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