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What To Do With Your older iPhone PowerPoint Presentation
What To Do With Your older iPhone

What To Do With Your older iPhone

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  1. What What To To Do Do With With Your Your older older iPhone iPhone It is time. It does not matter if your iPhone is in bad shape but still working or you just are moved to do it, it is time for a new iPhone. Remember as you are shopping for your new iPhone that a battery charging case is a great way to extend the battery life and usage time you have every day. The question manymay have is what to do with their old phone? The first thing to do is wipe it clean and reset it to factory defaults. This way your personal information will not be compromised. Rather than simply trash it oraccept a pittance for the iPhone, consider some of the following options as something you can do with your older iPhone. 1. 1. Have Have a a backup service carrier can be used for emergencycalls to 911. Put the old iPhone in your car, boat or in the house. It is a good idea to give it to a child leaving home for college aswell. If you can think of a place there may be an emergency, the old iPhone can go there. backup — It may not look great, but it works. Even an iPhone that no longer has a 2. 2. Keep Keep for settledand have a full-time job. Everyone else who wants to go out and enjoy themselves will find an old phone perfect. What is the worst thing that can happen to an old iPhone you are not using any longer?I for “ “those those” ” nights nights— If you are not sure what “those” nights are, you are probably t may get lost, wet, damaged broken completely and what have you lost exactly? Nothing, unlessyou put your battery case on the iPhone. If you did, shame on you. Leave the battery case for the new iPhone. 3. 3. Create Create a a server iPhone into a server. There are apps available in the App Store for this. It is a great way to gain access to your files if you are out and about. You will not be concerned with downloading either because of your battery case on the iPhone will give you the necessary extra time. server — Technophileswith an old iPhone can find real use in it byturning the old 4. 4. Get Get Japanese Japanese on One such art is Kintsugi — taking a broken product and adding another product to make it beautiful. There is probably some Buddhist influence here, but that is not for this blog. We are looking at what you can do, and how nifty it can look in the process. I magine instead of a sheet of broken up glass it is a spiderweb of lovely gold. If you are wanting to save the iPhone for use, using gold leaf on the glass is not a great idea. The gold can do some damage to the touchscreen. We are not fans of this option so do at your own risk. All we are doing is giving yousome options on what you can do with your older model iPhone before chucking it into the trash. on it it — The Japanese have a name for almost anything when it comes to art. Now that you are the proud owner of a new iPhone, be sure to give it extra usage time and protection with an iPhone battery case from Zohmo Zohmo. They have a selection of cases from the iPhone iPhone 6 6 battery battery case case to the iPhone iPhone XR XR battery batterycase case.