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Electronic Card 1. Source: Beatty, Laura. Anne Boleyn. 2004, Short Books. Subject : Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII ‘s friendship grows. Keywords : Flirting, judgment, love, marriage. Abstract:

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Electronic Card 1

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  1. Electronic Card 1 • Source: Beatty, Laura. Anne Boleyn. 2004, Short Books. • Subject: Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII ‘s friendship grows. • Keywords: Flirting, judgment, love, marriage. • Abstract: • Anne Boleyn was a normal, French heiress coming from a family that was hungry for money. • Her father wanted her to find a rich man, and this turned out to be no one else than King Henry VIII. • She met him at the court and their friendship grew stronger as each day passed by. • Henry was captivated by her exotic beauty, with long, black hair and pale face. • He would do anything to make her his wife, even if it meant giving up his religion or changing England as a whole. • Anne became his lover and everyone knew about it even Henry’s wife, who was previously married to Henry's dead brother. • With this new love affair it is reasonable to say that many problems would arise in England for it was so powerful that King Henry was willing to give up everything in return for a new son with this beautiful and interesting girl who captivated his attention after having just a short dance with her. • Anne Boleyn was not giving up on Henry as well, and it was obvious that she was going to fight to have him and his money and power.

  2. ElectronicCard 2 • Source: April 17, 2009. AnneBoleyn, The MostHappy. http://www.tudorhistory.org/boleyn/ • Subject: AnneBoleyn’sEarlyyears. • Keywords: France, journey, lady, ambition, property. • Abstract: • At the youngage of 12, Anneleavesher home in Norlfolk to go to France to be taughthow to be a lady, to dance, to dress, and to speakFrench. • AnneleftbehindherBlicklingfamily, whowereprettygrand but not the richestor more powerfulfamily of themall. • Herfather, Thomas Boleyn, was a mean and graspingoldmanwhowantedland and more moneythan he everneeded. • He expectedhertwodaughters to maryrichmen and providehim with even more property. • Hisdaughterswere also bornambitious, manipulative, risk-taking, and fearless. • Annereturns to herhometown with a Frenchaccent to getmarried with Earl of Ormonde, but shedidn’treallywant to getmarriedtohim, exceptno one, especiallyherfather, caredaboutheropinion. Afterall, marriagewouldgettheirhandsonsome more property. • I believethatAnne ‘s life will be miserable becauseeven as a younggirlshewasput up to thingsshedidnotwant to do. • Shewasmanipulatedbyherfatherjust to becomericher, and that lead herinto a wrongpath in life. • Shewouldbegin to followherfather’sexample, and wouldoptfordecisionsthatwouldmakeheronly more powerful. • At least, thatwouldmakeherstrongsomewouldsay, but herfuturewoulddefinatelyshow manystruggles.

  3. ElectronicCard 3 • Source:"AnneBoleyn." EncyclopediaBritannica. 2010. EncyclopediaBritannica Online. 14 Apr. 2010 <http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/26247/Anne-Boleyn>. • Subject: Annulment of marriage and thedesiretohaveanEnglishHeir. • Keywords: annulment, reformation, impact, heirtot he throne • Abstract: • The series of events surrounding the annulment of Henry's marriage to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and his marriage to Anne led him to separate from the Roman Catholic church and caused the English Reformation. • In 1527, Henry secretly mastered a plan to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon because she would not bare him a male heir to the throne. • Pope Clement VII refused to annul the marriage under the influence of Henry’s enemy, Charles V. • In 1533 Henry and Anne were secretly married. Henry had the archbishop of Canterbury pronounce his last marriage null and void. • Anne gave birth to the future Queen Elizabeth I. • She had a miscarriage, and later gave birth to a stillborn male. • Henry was furious and charged her of adultery and later persecuted her. • Henry married Jane Seymour weeks later. • Henry created this huge circle of problems and caos just because he wanted Anne to bare him an heir to the throne. • This must have been the reason why everyone turned against the king, including the church. • No King should hide a marriage to his country because that means one cannot trust him. • Anne’s murder was just another plot of treason because Henry wanted to remarry Jane. • Their actual marriage just a few weeks after Anne’s death proves it.

  4. ElectronicCard 4 • Source: Cheadle, Tanya, dir. "Affairs of The Crown: Execution of Anne Boleyn." BBC. 17 June 2009. Television. • Subject: Anne’sexecution • Keywords: lasthours, treason, Tower of London, breakdown • Abstract: • In May 18, 1536 Annewassenttobepersecuted in theTower of London byherownhusband, the King of Englandbecauseshefailedtosecurehisdinastybynotgivingbirthto a babyboy. • Thefirstexecution of anEnglishQueen. • She has becomesannoying and menhateherforhertreatmentto Catherine of Aragon. • Fourmonthsbeforetheexecution, Catherine of Aragondies. • She decides tohave a final masstoproclaimthatshe has notbeendefeatedbythepersecutionthatwilloccurhourslater. • In thefuture, thislittleeventwillconvinceher country thatshewasreallyinnocent. • Shewasneversurewhyshewascaptivated in theTower of London. • ShebegantounravelinformationaboutherflirtingwithHenry’scourt. • Aftershedies, herdaughter, Elizabteh, becomesqueen of England. • Itisharshtoseehowsomeoneinnocentissenttobepersecuted in front of everyonewho in theendwere a little more mercifultowardsAnne. • It’sincrediblehowQueen Elizabeth I becameone of themostsuccefulEnglishmonarchsafterhavingsuch a difficultpastwithherparent’stroublesand examples. • MaybebecausesheprayedcontinouslytoGodbeforeherexecution, shewasbeheadedwithmuch more honor and respect. • Itisunfortunatehowshehad a nervousbreakdown and startedtotellall of herseceretswithoutknowingthattheywouldbeusedagainsther in trial.

  5. ElectronicCard 5 • Source: Simon Schama, A History of Britain: At the Edge of the World (3500 BC – 1603 AD), Talk Miramax Books, Hyperion, NY, 2000. • Subject: EnglishReformation, Anne’sinfluence • Keywords: complex, church, protestant • Abstract: • HenryVIIIwantedanheirtothethrone and thatmeant he hadtoannulhismarriage in ordertomarryBoleyn and haveanother son. • Becausethechurchwouldnotlethimdivorce, he decidedto break fromtheRomanchurch. • Annegavehim a copy of William Tyndale’sprotestantwork. • Thisworktaught Henry thatRulershadthe complete authorityoverthechurch and thestate, and itwas a commonassertion in thepast, buttheRomanchurchbegantodisappearit as theygained more power. • Eventhough he proclaimedtobeCatholictilldeath, he graduallybecame more open intoaccepting new forms of Christianity, and saw Martin Luther as anexample. • WhenAnneintroducedhenrytotheprotestantworks and ideas was a crucial time because Henry tookit as an escape tohisunfortunatefate. • A light bulblightened up tohim and immidiatelystratedto plan hisfuturereign. • Anne’sdad’shelpalsoinfluencedhenry’s rule because he researchedhowGodalwayssaidthat Kings weretherulers of Churches. • Duringthisperiod of change, Annegain a lot of control over Henry because of her ideas aboutcompletelyrullingall of England.

  6. ElectronicCard 6 • Source:"The English Reformation, 1529-47." University of Wisconsin - History Department. Web. 15 Apr. 2010. <http://history.wisc.edu/sommerville/361/361-07.htm>. • Subject: Henry uninterest in Catherine of Aragon • Keywords: aging, boredness, movingon, intimacy, flirting. • Abstract: • WhileHnerywasmarriedto Catherine, he hadtwotothreemistresses. Theyeachkepthimhappy. • Catherine hadseveralmiscarriages, and lostfourchildren. • Catherine agedquicklyafterrepeatedpregnancies. • Duringthis time, Annecameintothepicture and made Henry crazyforher. • Sherefusedtobehismistressafterlearningthathersisterhad once beenHenry’smistress and he leftherbecause he gottooboredof beingwithher. • Marriagewouldbeherinvitationtointimacy. • After Henry showedstruggletoannulhismarriage, Annedecidedtheycouldmove in together. • Annebecamepregnant and Henry wasabletomarryher. • AfterHenry’sdivorceto Catherine, he was at lastabletogetrid of her, and herboringpious. • Gettingmarriedtohisbrother’sexwifewas a hugemistakefor Henry becausethatmeantthatshewasalreadyold and tired of beingmarriedtoanotherman, speciallybecause Catherine wasolderthan Henry. • Thismade Henry bored and wantingtohavesomethingelse. • That’swhatmadehiminterested in othergirls, especiallyAnneboleynwhowasyoung and flirtatious and brought a changetoHenry’slife. • Itseems as if Henry triedtomakeAnnebeleivethat he reallywantedtodivorce Catherine and marryher, butmaybe He justfakedit so thatAnnewouldfall in hisarms. • Anne’spregnancymighthavebeenthereasonwhy Henry finallydecidedtoannulhismarriage and tomarryAnne. • Afterall, havinganaffair and a childwithanotherwomanmayhavetakenawaysomepower and respectawayfrom Henry.

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