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All About Homework PowerPoint Presentation
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All About Homework

All About Homework

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All About Homework

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  1. All About Homework By Soren and Ashby

  2. Homework Folder First, I am going to talk about your homework folder. When you get new homework, it will come back inside your homework folder. You should always put your homework away in your homework folder so you don’t lose it.

  3. Soren and Ashby just got new homework in their homework folders.

  4. Math Homework Next, I am going to talk about math homework. Math homework is attached to your cover sheet. When completing your math homework, you should not rush through it!

  5. Soren and Ashby just completed their math homework. Yippee!

  6. Reading Homework Now I am going to talk about reading. You should read for at least 20 minutes each night. Sometimes you may have a weekly reading assignment. First read the story and then complete the activity.

  7. When Ashby and Soren get home, they will read for at least 20 minutes.

  8. Rewards for Completing Homework Now I am going to talk about rewards for completing homework. If your homework is done, you will get rewards like Fun Friday! So remember to complete your homework!

  9. Soren and Ashby are celebrating because they get to participate in Fun Friday!

  10. Turning in Homework It is time to talk about turning in homework. When you are done with your homework, put your homework folder in the turn in papers tray. Remember to put your homework inside your homework folder before turning it in.

  11. Ashby is turning in his homework folder in the turn in papers bin. Homework Folder Turn in Papers Bin

  12. Glossary Fun Friday - A fun game that you get to participate in on Friday. Homework Folder - A place where you put your homework. Math Homework - Math sheets that are attached to your cover sheet. Reading Assignment - A reading activity that you will complete each night. Turn in Papers Tray - The bin where you turn in your homework.

  13. About the Authors Soren Age: 8 Interests: Unicycling, Reading, and Ripstiking Ashby Age: 8 • Interests: Video Games, Reading, and Ripstiking