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Exercises. ENTER. Contents. Extension. Oral Work  Quiz  Writing  Listening Lab . I. Oral Work. List Group Discussion Debating. I. Oral Work.

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  1. Exercises ENTER

  2. Contents Extension • Oral Work • Quiz • Writing • Listening Lab

  3. I. Oral Work • List • Group Discussion • Debating

  4. I. Oral Work • Great strength has been a trait that has been identified with heroes in many stories and legends. How do you understand the strength? • Some people say if you believe in something that is not a social norm then you could be considered a hero. What’s your comment? Brainstorm in groups. The end of Group Discussion.

  5. I. Oral Work Topics for Debating: • Who are the real heroes in our time? • You do not need to be totally extraordinary to be a hero. Related sayings To be continued on the next page.

  6. I. Oral Work • A hero is someone that helps others no matter what the situation. There are many qualities that a hero must possess such as bravery, courage, strength, intelligence and honor. These qualities alone are not enough to make a hero. They must also be pure at heart, fight for the good of mankind and only fight when it is to protect the people and not out of rage or revenge. To be continued on the next page.

  7. I. Oral Work • Heroes have not really evolved that much since the early days. They are still basically the same strong men with unhumanlike powers that the normal mortal man cannot even comprehend.  Heroes come in many shapes and sizes.  Contrary to popular belief, heroes nowadays are just regular people with the same everyday problems that we have to endure.  To be continued on the next page.

  8. I. Oral Work • A hero should not have to prove to himself or to anyone else that he is brave, fearless or courageous. If he is pure at heart and his intentions are good then he can be considered a true hero. • A true hero isn’t perfect. A hero is what people see him as. The criteria for a hero is debatable, but for the most part the characteristics are the same. The end of Oral Work.

  9. II. Quiz • List • Quiz 1 • Quiz 2

  10. II. Quiz 1 1. His long service with the company was ____ with a present. a. admitted b. acknowledged c. attributed d. accepted 2. Teaching students of threshold level is hard work but the effort is very ____. a. precious b. rewarding c. worth d. challenging b b To be continued on the next page.

  11. II. Quiz 1 3. Among all the changes resulting from the ____ entry of women into the workforce, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not the least important. a. massive b. quantitative c. surplus d. tragic 4. Whether their football team will win is a matter of ____ to me. a. indifference b. discrimination c. deviation d. interests a a To be continued on the next page.

  12. II. Quiz 1 5. The plane ____, its bombs exploding as it hit the ground. a. collided b. crushed c. plunged d. crashed 6. The morning news says a school bus ____ with a train at the junction and a group of policemen were sent there immediately. a. stumbled b. collided c. crashed d. struck b d To be continued on the next page.

  13. II. Quiz 1 7. Today the public is much concerned about the way ____. a. nature is being ruined b. which nature is ruined c. on which to ruin nature d. of nature to be ruined 8. These surveys indicate that many crimes go ____ by the police, mainly because not all victims report them. a. to be unrecorded b. unrecorded c. to have been unrecorded d. unrecording a b The end of Quiz 1.

  14. II. Quiz 2 Fill in the blanks with the proper words in the column. aesthetic, anaesthetic/anesthetic 1. The chair may be _______ but it’s not that comfortable. 2. One of the central questions in ________ is whether beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or whether there is something within an object itself which makes it beautiful. 3. We will take your tooth out under _________. aesthetic aesthetics anaesthetic To be continued on the next page.

  15. II. Quiz 2 1. Their swords ______. 2. The two armies ______ outside the town. 3. I ______ with him at the meeting. 4. Their car _______ into a guardrail. 5. A gust of wind swept the bed off the roof and sent it ______ into the courtyard below. crash, clash clashed clashed clashed crashed crashing To be continued on the next page.

  16. II. Quiz 2 ability, capability, capacity 1. He has the _____ to swim like a fish. 2. He has the ________ of solving practical problems. 3. The theater has a seating _______ of 300 people. 4. The book is within the reading _______ of young readers. ability capability capacity capacity To be continued on the next page.

  17. II. Quiz 2 distinct, distinctive, distinguished, distinguishable 1. There is a ______ smell of cigarettes every time he comes into the room. 2. In the evening, we were treated to a __________ performance by this very fine actor. 3. Jerusalem has a ________ Middle East flavor. 4. On the beach the British were ____________ from the Spanish by their paleness and general lack of clothes senses. distinct distinguished distinctive distinguishable The end of Quiz.

  18. III. Writing 1. Write your own narration of the air crash. 2. Write a comment on the man in the water. The end of Writing.

  19. IV. Listening Lab Fill in the blanks while you are listening. As a boy, Finn is said to have entered into the ______ of an old man, Finn Eger, who had been waiting seven years for the Salmon of Lynn Feic. ______ after arriving, the youth succeeds in catching the fish _____ his elder had failed. The old man takes charge of the catch nevertheless. The young Finn is told to watch the fish while it roasts with the ______ condition that he does not eat any of it. service Shortly keys where specific To be continued on the next page.

  20. IV. Listening Lab But the boy, being young, hungry and ________, disobeys the command. He reaches into the fire to assuage his gnawing hunger, burning his hand in the ______. As he put his thumb into his mouth to soothe the pain, he __________ became ________ of all knowledge, thereby becoming the symbolic successor of Finn Eger. impulsive keys process immediately possessed To be continued on the next page.

  21. IV. Listening Lab In this myth the wonderful fish ______ appears as a ______ common to Celtic otherworld tales. It is “the magic food,” writes Nitze, “whereby a hero is made _______, and which enables him to be re-born.” initially keys feature immortal The end of Listening Lab.

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