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Exercises. I. Vocabulary 第 1 至 10 題,請根據句意,填入最適當的單字。第 11 至 12 題,請選出一個與畫底線的字意義最接近的選項。 _________ 1.My brother is always full of e y ; he never seems to get tired. _________ 2. U ly , even the best doctors couldn’t

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  1. Exercises I. Vocabulary 第1 至10 題,請根據句意,填入最適當的單字。第11 至12 題,請選出一個與畫底線的字意義最接近的選項。 _________ 1.My brother is always full of e y; he never seems to get tired. _________ 2.U ly, even the best doctors couldn’t cure the man of his illness. _________ 3.His bad a de really makes his teachers angry. _________ 4.The f n of this button is to turn the computer on and off. energy Unfortunately attitude function 回目錄 回目錄 下一頁

  2. Exercises positive _________ 5.A parent’s love and encouragement has a p ve influence on his or her children. _________ 6.An a e from Africa won the gold medal in the marathon. _________ 7.Judy didn’t know how to h le the situation, so she came to me for advice. _________ 8.I never have any a te when the weather gets this hot. I just don’t feel like eating. _________ 9.The noise from the street affected the students’ c n in the classroom. _________ 10.A nice hot bath can help r ve stress after a long day at work. athlete handle appetite concentration relieve 回目錄 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  3. Ted experienced a lot of difficulties after he lost his job. (A) supported (B) accepted (C) underwent (D) benefited ( ) 11. C 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  4. Elaine is quite moody today. We should leave her alone. (A) unhappy (B) normal (C) relaxed (D) alert ( ) 12. A 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  5. More and more people like to buy products in Taiwan because they are of good quality. (A) making (B) made (C) are made (D) which made ( ) 1. B 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  6. Most of those saw the movie enjoyed it and wanted to see it a second time. (A) which (B) who (C) how (D) why ( ) 2. B 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  7. With tears down her face, Carol watched her boyfriend walk away with another girl by his side. (A) to run (B) ran (C) being ran (D) running ( ) 3. D 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  8. These questions are for me to answer. (A) too difficult (B) such difficult (C) enough difficult (D) much difficult ( ) 4. A 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  9. If you have difficulty the instructions, please let me know. (A) understanding (B) to understand (C) understood (D) understands ( ) 5. A 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  10. It’s easy to find my sister. She is the only one in her class long hair. (A) has (B) had (C) with (D) of ( ) 6. C 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  11. Watching movies a fun way to learn English. (A) are (B) has (C) is (D) have ( ) 7. C 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  12. Regular exercise is one of the tricks to healthy. (A) be stayed (B) staying (C) stayed (D) stays ( ) 8. B 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  13. III. Passage Completion 請根據文意,選出最適當的答案。 Stressed-out people often feel unhappy. They may find it hard to sleep or may lose their appetite. Also, too much stress can 1 their immune systems weak. That’s why people 2 have experienced lots of stress may become tired and sick. Although we cannot completely remove stress 3 our lives, we can learn how to manage it. 4 , the most successful people are the ones who know how to deal with stress. If we can accept 5 some problems are a normal part of life, we can keep stress from becoming too much to handle. 回目錄 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  14. D _____ 1. (A) let (B) have (C) cause (D) make _____ 2. (A) whom (B) which (C) who (D) whose _____ 3. (A) with (B) from (C) into (D) against _____ 4. (A) Unfortunately (B) In fact (C) However (D) Even worse _____ 5. (A) that (B) what (C) which (D) whether C B B A 回目錄 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  15. IV. Guided Translation 請根據中文,完成或翻譯下列句子。 1. 我們找不到去博物館的路。更倒楣的是,我們之 後還弄丟了門票。 We couldn’t find our way to the museum. Then, to all ________ ________ ________, we lost our tickets. 2.自從與女友分手後,他一直悶悶不樂。 He’s been moody since he ________ ________ ________ his girlfriend. 3. 這位病人對下週的心臟手術很焦慮。 The patient feels ________ ________ about the heart operation next week. top it off broke up with stressed out 回目錄 回目錄 上一頁 下一頁

  16. 4. 這些日子有這麼多事發生,我真的覺得很沮喪。 ______________________________, I really feel depressed. 5. 這個袋子太重,我提不動。 __________________________________________ With so much going on these days This bag is too heavy for me to carry. 回目錄 回目錄 上一頁

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