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Bleimeyer Voyage

Bleimeyer Voyage

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Bleimeyer Voyage

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  1. Bleimeyer Voyage By: Dylan Bleimeyer

  2. Intro Where would I go? If I had to go anywhere, I would choose my birth state, Delaware. Why exactly? I don’t have to many memories of it there but the ones I have are really fun. Its been 12 years since I’ve been there so why not go back.

  3. Memories 1 Like it says in the intro, I don’t remember much of what happened when I lived there. But my best memory from there involves me on the beach. Even though that’s all I really remember is me on the beach, it’s still mind rattling for me.

  4. Memories 2 A couple of the few memories I remember of me on the beach is me and my dad throwing horseshoe crabs. Just for some reason it clicks with me. The funny thing is, they would continue to come back to the beach after we threw them.

  5. Memories 3 The only other memory I remember with me being in Delaware consist of fishing on the beach. My dad, his friends, and I were fishing (why five years old fish, I don’t know), when out of no where, my dads friend starts reeling in his line. Even to this day, I haven’t seen anyone else be so happy to reel in a fish. Once it was fully reeled in (took about five grown men to do so), a big shark laid dangling on the other end. Grown shark none the less. Guess what was for dinner the past 3 weeks.

  6. Delaware Facts • Delaware has…many unique animals. Such as the state bird. • Blue Hen is the state bird. • Lady Bug is the state bug. • Milk is the state beverage. • It even as it’s own star! (amazing!) • It’s also the first established state.

  7. Delaware Tour Sites • Miles the Monster! (speedway tracks) • A MUSEUM ABOUT HOW AIR TRANSPORTATION CAME TO BE!(wow) • The “Fountain of Youth” was here too…who knew?

  8. Day 1 On my trip back to home state, one of the first things I did was to go back to the beach. Now, it was all fun, but I forgot from previous trips to beaches, crabs love the beach too. They also love to pinch.

  9. Crabs (the marine animal) • Crabs have very small tails • They have ten legs. • If you p!ss these pleasant little critters off, they’ll pinch you!...Not so pleasant. • They come in variety of colors!

  10. Day 2 Not so sure why but I decided to go to the Miles the Monster speedway and see the NASCAR race of the day…Which I still wonder why I went to see a NASCAR race anyway since I hate watching it with my Dad.

  11. Facts about Miles the Monster • It’s making was based off the Hulk and the Thing. • Can be seen a half a mile away from Highway One. • $6 million dollars spent on it, making it the most expensive monster ever made.

  12. Day 3 Today, I decided to visit the Fountain of Youth. Only to learn that it’s still a myth I decided to go get my stomach pumped for drinking the water, considering, it wasn’t tasteful at all. BLAH!

  13. Fountain of Youth • Discovered in 1631 by Dutch Colonists. • The Address is: Pilottown Rd., Lewes, DE • It’s call the “Fountain of Youth” because after the Dutch found it, the filthy rich began to look amazingly younger.

  14. Fourth Day On my fourth day at Delaware, I went to a “ Punkin Chunkin” contest and watched it. Now, its not really interesting to watch…or even be a part of but still, It is a Delaware thing, I suppose.

  15. Punkin Chunkin • The world record for Punkin Chunkin is 4483.51 feet! • Mostly occurs during autumn when pumpkins get harvested. Actual competition takes place on Halloween Day.

  16. Fifth Day On my fifth day in my Delaware trip, I went to my actual birth place. Dover, Delaware Air Force Base. That’s right, Air Force Base. When I was born, my father was based in Delaware. When I got there, I didn’t really expect anything, which good thing I didn’t because I was blocked by a six foot tall fence.

  17. Air Force • September 12th 1947 was when the Air Force came to be. • It was known as Army Air Corps before the Air Force.

  18. My Trip (Misc) While on my trip (besides of what I told you), I relaxed. I did absolutely nothing else But laid on the beach…I went on a 2 week trip.

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