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Web Accessibility PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

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Web Accessibility

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  1. Web Accessibility Math Department -- 2005

  2. What is Web Accessibility?

  3. “When a website is accessible, anyone browsing the site should be able to gain a complete understanding of the information presented on the site as well as have an undiminished ability to interact with the site.” ( • “The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” (Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director)

  4. Compare Web Accessibility with Architectural Accessibility: Today, buildings are designed to be accessible for all users and older buildings are being renovated to meet this requirement. This same process is taking place in the Computer / Internet Environment.

  5. Why is Web Accessibility Important?

  6. Federal Laws - (ADA, Section 504) • • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973) • Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) • 1996 Department of Justice Statement – accessibility of Websites falls under the ADA • UA statement regarding ADA / 504

  7. Section 508 • In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 went into effect in June, 2001. • Under Section 508 (29 U.S.C. ‘ 794d), agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others.

  8. Some Statistics…. • Approximately 54 million Americans have a disability • The Internet is a major source of information. If the materials are inaccessible to those with disabilities, a significant number of Internet users are unable to have the same access as non-disabled individuals.

  9. Harris Poll (June, 2000) • Studied the impact of the Internet for individuals with disabilities. • Findings: • Adults with disabilities spend twice as much time online (20 hours/week compared to 10 hours/week) • 48% of adults with disabilities, compared to 27% of those without a disability say the Internet has significantly improved their lives. • Individuals with disabilities under the age of 30 use the Internet for 25 hours a week versus 8 hours a week by young people without disabilities

  10. Demonstration of JAWS • JAWS is a screen reader program used by the visually impaired to access the computer. • This demonstration quickly shows the importance of an accessible website for individuals with disabilities. Inaccessible page: • Versus an accessible site: •

  11. Making Your Site Accessible • • Text Equivalents: A text equivalent for every non-text element shall be provided for every image within the web site. (Alt Tags, Longdesc or within text element) Ex: • Color: Color coding shall not be used as the only means of conveying information. The contrast between colors used should be distinct. Ex:

  12. Hyperlink Titles: The titles for each hyperlink must be meaningful. Titles like 'Click Here' can cause problems. • Tables: When Tables are used for tabular data, identify column and row headers and associate data with appropriate heading labels. Ex: • Skip Navigation: When providing a long list of navigational links, provide a way for your users to skip over the list. Ex:

  13. Forms: Form elements will be tagged with the label attribute. Contact information will be provided on each page with a form.Ex: • Scripts / Applets / Plug-ins: Provide contact information on each page with a script, applet, or plug-in so that users can ask questions or request the information in an alternative format.QT Ex: Ex: Manhole CoversPDF Ex: Inaccessible PDF

  14. Other Examples: • Flash: • Scrolling Text: • Refreshing Pages:

  15. Web Validation Tools • HiSoftware - • Wave – • Bobby – • A-Prompt - • Color Contrast - • List of different validation tools

  16. Achieving 100% Website accessibility will not occur overnight. The UA recognizes that this is a process that will take time and require the education of, and support from, Web designers across the campus.

  17. Resources and References • ADA Government Website • Section 508 • CSUN Presentation “508 Web Accessibility” – presented by Jim Allan, John Slatin, Jim Thatcher March 2003

  18. Hricko, Mary. Design and Implementation of Web-Enabled Teaching Tools. Hershey PA: IDEA Group, 2003 • Thatcher, Jim, Bohman, Paul, et. al. Constructing Accessible Web Sites. Birmingham: Glasshaus, 2002. • University of Arizona Web Accessibility • WebAIM --

  19. Contact Information Dawn Hunziker Assistive Technology Coordinator University of Arizona Disability Resource Center Email: Phone: 520-626-9409