were else but n.
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Were else but

Were else but

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Were else but

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  1. Were else but Canberra

  2. You maybe asking yourself ‘what do you mean were else but Canberra’ well come with me and I will tell you.

  3. Canberra • May I say Canberra is a significant place, awesome food, great hotels and I also would suggest using Sid Fogg’s for your coach, and most importantly it surely has great features like Parliament House, Questacon, Cockington Green, National Art Gallery, National Museum, Australian Institute of Sport, and most importantly War Memorial.

  4. Parliament House and War Memorial • Parliament House is an amazing place, it is a place were the House of Representatives and the Senate are and it’s were all our laws come from. There is another beautiful place,TheWar Memorial it show’s you what the solders went through to give us the freedom we have, and to give them the respect they deserve.

  5. Questacon and Cockington Green • Questacon is a science place were you can do fun and excising science activities, and to learn about science witch is really awesome. Cockington Green is a huge garden place worked by the family witch the garden is at the back of there house and the gift shop is underneath the actual house.

  6. National Art Gallery and National Museum • National Art Gallery is as you guessed full of amazing art and surly great sculptures. It really make’s you think about life and your emotions. National Museum is just brilliant it has cinema that spins around every now and then that is fun.