road construction zone n.
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Road Construction Zone PowerPoint Presentation
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Road Construction Zone

Road Construction Zone

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Road Construction Zone

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  1. Road Construction Zone Courtesy & Safety

  2. Fatalities in Motor Vehicle Crashes by State and Work Zone (2012)

  3. Work Zone Safety Tips • Stay alert and keep an eye out for workers and equipment, always expect the unexpected. • Pay close attention to what is happening all around you. In front, behind, and both sides. • Turn on you vehicle headlights so construction workers can see your vehicle easier. • Keep a safe following distance . • Smith System Key 2– Get the Big Picture

  4. Work Zone Safety Tips (Cont.) • Follow posted speed limits in and around work zone. • Fines are doubled. • If a flagger is present follow there signs and instruction. • Don’t change lanes unnecessarily. • Minimize distractions and avoid changing radio stations, eating, or using one touch mobile phone while in a work zone.

  5. Beat the Heat • Stay hydratedWater is important year round, but especially during the summer months. Always have a bottle of water near you and drink from it regularly. • Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.Like water, sunscreen is something drivers should use all year. Buy a sunscreen that is long-lasting, 50 SPF or greater, sweat proof and use it daily. • Wear breathable clothesSometimes you can’t choose what you wear to work, but if you can, wear lightweight and light colored clothing. Don’t forget your hat! • RestThe summer heat can really run you down. Be sure to get plenty of rest. If you feel yourself getting overheated, grab some water and take a break out of the sun in a shaded area. If possible get in some air conditioning. • Eating Healthy Its always good to eat healthy all year long, but as we get into the summer months it is very important for you body as you deal with Indiana heat. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, green beans, celery, bottle or bitter gourd, and brinjal (eggplant) are just some of the vegetables to help beat the heat.

  6. Smith System 5 Keys

  7. Questions?