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Anderson road construction PowerPoint Presentation
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Anderson road construction

Anderson road construction

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Anderson road construction

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  1. Pickens Construction Inc. 415 McGee Rd, Anderson, SC 29625 864.224.8999 Why You Should Choose Pickens Construction In today's evolving world, new projects are coming up as time goes on. It is crucial to get a reputable construction company to handle all your construction needs. Pickens Construction is a certified construction company based in Anderson, South Carolina. We are your go-to constructors for projects such as driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and many more. You name it, and we'll build it or even repair it. Here is why you should come to us to handle your projects. Experience Founded in 1942, ​Pickens Construction has an extensive portfolio that speaks of our expertise. We have done numerous ​driveway repairs in Anderson​, ​among other projects. Experience is also a trait we look for when hiring our staff. With that, they know how to combat everyday challenges professionally, which is a very valuable skill in construction. This is an assurance that you are set to work with the best in the field which will, in return, give you exactly what you desire.

  2. Licensed Pickens Construction is licensed by the state governments of South Carolina and Georgia. This means that we are regulated by the government to be able to provide the best services to our customers. Our staff is also well trained to ensure the safety of our customers. Quality For ​Anderson driveway repairs​​and sidewalks, we use Hot-mix Asphalt, which could be summed by one word, quality. It is preferred because it is easy to maintain, quick to pave, which saves you a lot of time while still giving your driveway an attractive appeal. If you want quality construction you definitely have to go for Pickens construction.

  3. Proficiency Everyone wants a well-skilled, competent constructor who knows how to get the job properly done. Pickens Construction offers precisely that. We have a vast pool of accredited professionals who have a good number of successful projects under their belt. This will guarantee you get exactly the project that you desire. An Understanding of Architectural Design For us to do the perfect ​Anderson driveway repair ​for your home, we work closely with your architectural design to deliver. This is important because it helps in the efficient use of building material. That way, we minimize wastage while saving you extra costs.

  4. Reliability We strive to accomplish a given project within the agreed deadline while also staying on the estimated budget. Our clients can also rely on us to make adjustments where they wish to in a timely fashion. We have a dedicated customer care desk accessible anytime to answer to our customers' concerns. If you're looking for professional construction services such as sidewalk paving, driveway repairment, site demolition, parking lots, among others, then Pickens construction is the right fit for you. We offer an array of services as described at unmatched prices at pocket-friendly prices while still guaranteeing you value for every penny. Visit us today at the address below and get that Anderson driveway repair at a friendly price and we promise top-notch quality