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Hurricane supplies PowerPoint Presentation
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Hurricane supplies

Hurricane supplies

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Hurricane supplies

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  1. Hurricane supplies Flashlight/extra batteries Plywood Canned food/opener Water Radio Sandbag Lifejackets First aid kit

  2. Where to get supplies Home depot, Lowe’s, K- mart, wal-mart, Walgreens/CVS, target, and other local stores.

  3. Categories • Hurricane categories: wind 74-95 mph. Damage primarily to unanchored mobile homes, shrubbery, and trees. Also, some coastal road flooding. • Category 2: Winds 96-110 mph. Some roofing material, door, and window damage of buildings. Considerable damage to shrubbery and trees with some trees blown down. Considerable damage to mobile homes, poorly constructed signs, and piers. • Category 3: Winds 111-130 mph. Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings. Damage to shrubbery and trees with foliage blown off trees and large trees blown down. Mobile homes and poorly constructed signs are destroyed. Low-lying escape routes are cut by rising water 3-5 hours before arrival of the center of the hurricane. Flooding near the coast destroys smaller structures with larger structures damaged by battering from floating debris.

  4. Category • Category 4: Winds 131-155 mph. Shrubs, trees, and all signs are blown down. Complete destruction of mobile homes. Extensive damage to doors and windows. Low-lying escape routes may be cut by rising water 3-5 hours before arrival of the center of the hurricane. • Category 5: Winds greater than 155 mph. Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings. Some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. Massive evacuation of residential areas on low ground within 5-10 miles (8-16 km) of the shoreline may be required.

  5. Hurricane names in 2007 Andrea Melissa Barry Noel Chantal Olga Dean Pablo Erin Rebekah Felix Sebastien Gabrielle Tanya Humberto Van Ingrid Wendy Jerry Karen Lorenzo

  6. Hurricane season Hurricane season lasts June 1st through November 30th.

  7. Evacuation plan An evacuation plan is a plan of where to meet in case of a hurricane. The plan usually involves leaving town, getting out of the projected path of the hurricane. If you are unable to leave town, a hurricane shelter is another option. Many shelters do not accept pets, so other arrangements will need to be made prior to evacuation. People living in flood areas are typically given a mandatory evacuation order. The evacuation plan is ready and known to all family members before the hurricane hits.

  8. Tropical Depression Tropical cyclone in which the maximum sustained winds are 38mph or less. It appears in the middle of a thunderstorm.

  9. How to help victims from a hurricane? Donate food and water to an organization. (Goodwill, Salvation Army, Red Cross) Donate clothes and shoes to victims Volunteer your home Donate blankets, mattresses, etc.

  10. Crew members Eddy Diana Chephren Phillisa

  11. Credits • Rueters/NOAA • • • • •