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INFORMATION. IT. IT. INFO. Homo Informaticus. Group Informatics. Infoprocesses. Individual. INFORMATION. Group. Business Processes. IT. INFORMATION. Infopolitics. Infostructure. Org. Politics. IT. Infoculture. Org. Structure. Org. Culture. So that …. IVO Research.

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  1. INFORMATION IT IT INFO Homo Informaticus Group Informatics Infoprocesses Individual INFORMATION Group Business Processes IT INFORMATION Infopolitics Infostructure Org. Politics IT Infoculture Org. Structure Org. Culture So that … IVO Research The IVO researcher treats information technology (IT) and information (data, meaning, knowledge, wisdom) as inseparable yin and yang -- equally important entities that sit at the nexus of organization. (To run presentation, keep on clicking the mouse) The IVO researcher takes on the IVO spectacles to look at organizational aspects -- individual, structure, culture, process, politics, … … that become IVO aspects – homoinformaticus, infostructure, infoculture, infoprocess, infopolitics.

  2. Challenges Problems Issues IS Design Organizational Homo Informaticus Group Informatics Infoprocesses IS Adoption INFORMATION IT Infopolitics Infostructure IS Evaluation Infoculture IS Use IS Design, Adoption, Use and Evaluation are rendered to a perspective that provides effective understanding and management of organizational issues, challenges, and problems.

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