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Why we need to use MS Access? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why we need to use MS Access?

Why we need to use MS Access?

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Why we need to use MS Access?

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  1. As a database developer have you considered as your main tool?

  2. Why? If you haven’t, then it is about time here are the reasons:

  3. Easy to Create Data Tables

  4. Even non-programmers can create a simple database structure using MS Access. However, it can only store smaller amounts of data ex: 20mb or 25000 records. Don't worry because in case you go big, you can link it to larger databases such as MS SQL to have the power, speed and storage you will need.

  5. Easy to Generate Forms

  6. With MS Access, you can easily create forms from scratch as they have Automatic Form Tools along with the program. Since their form generator is GUI-based, you can drag and drop text box and objects to create a form. You can also download form templates online to guide you in form design.

  7. Easy to Generate Reports

  8. Access has its own report generator to view and print out information in your database. You can also choose to write your reports from scratch or use other report generators such as Crystal Report writer. Access' report generator is GUI based making it flexible and easy to use.

  9. Easy to Run and Compile Queries

  10. Access makes you run simple queries like information displaying and functions thanks to it's GUI features. These queries can also run stored procedures from remote databases. Queries can also be compiled since MS Access uses VBA or Visual Basic as its base programming language.

  11. Since it is included in the Microsoft Office family, you don't need to pay for a separate license to use it. It has loads of features that you just need to take time discovering. Access might look easy with its GUI features but you are able to create interesting and complex database or forms if you will learn how to code. MS Access also creates fastest and cheapest Rapid Application Development to prove and test your database theories.

  12. Special Thanks to the following: • CateSchafing of (read her article at • for Background music • for Access Table images • for Access Form/Reports images • and for query and compile images