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Job interview

Job interview. Job interview :. It is a direct meeting a candidate , who is appling for a job with an employer or a person who represent s him.

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Job interview

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  1. Job interview

  2. Job interview: It is a direct meeting a candidate, who is appling for a job with an employer or a person who represents him. The conversation is to get better knowledge of the candidate and take final decision by employer. At this stage, everything depends on the candidate.

  3. Job interview If you have an appointment for an interview it means that your documents that you made, have been positively assessed and there is a good chance to work in the company. Be aware of what the interviewer expects to learn from you. In general, he wants to confirm information you put in your CV and cover letter.

  4. Duration of job interview: The interview usually lasts from 20 minutes to an hour. Some corporations ask candidates to take a test or to participate in the group task (Assessment Center),then the recruitment meeting may extend to 3-4 hours.

  5. Job interview-stress Try to control your stress. However, if you do not succeed, and during the interview your voicestarts trembling, say openly: „I am sorry, I got nervous because it is very important for me to get the job in your company ". The recruiter will look at you more favorably.

  6. Job interview: There are some questions which always arise during a job interview. We can almost bet that the first question we will receive will be: "Please tell me about yourself".? It is the "iron begining" of every interview. You definitely need to prepare for it, because a response is not easy and unambiguous.

  7. Frequent questions on the job interview: • What areyour weaknesses ? • What areyour strengths ? • Why have you decided to apply for this position ? • Why do you think we should hire you? • Why do you want to change your job ? • Why did you leave your last job ? • What are you going to do in 5 years?

  8. Preparing questions for the interviewer We should also prepare a list of questions for a meeting. Very often, on a job interview a recruiter wants to know if we have any questions, or would like to learn something. If we ask questions, it will be a good evidence that we are very interested in thejob offer.

  9. Sample questions : • Whencan a newemployee start his work? • Whatareprospects of gettingpromotion? • How high earningsshould I expect? • For how many shiftsisitthisjob? • Whatkind of challengesshouldtheemployee face with?

  10. Estimation the time of arrival to the employer Before the interview, if the employer's company is located far from our place, it is worth practicing. For example, the day before the interview you should take the bus and commute from home to the company, find a building and measure the time of arrival. This is important not to organize last minutedrive because it may turn out that we may be late.

  11. Preparing for job interview : • the day before the interview: • Set yourdayschedule, • Prepareyouroutfit, • Make surehow to get to the company, • Sleepwell.

  12. Preparing for job interview : • In theday of interview: • Be 5 minutesbefore time, • Thinkpositively, • Readyour CV, • Rememberwithwhomyouhave an appointment.

  13. Preparing for job interview: • During interview: • Greet your interviewer, • Give a hand, • Ask, if you can sit down, • Start from a small chat,

  14. Appearance and behavior • Listen carefully, • Be honest! • Ask questions, • Brag your experience, • Show that you are prepared, • Ask about results,

  15. Appearance and behavior Remeber about: • body language • nodding • eye-contact

  16. Appearance and behavior Do not: • arrive for an interview too late • smoke, even if you get permission • sit down, without waiting for an invitation • give too quick answers - think first • look around • sit frivolously on the chair

  17. The worst fashion mistakes If you rarely wear formal outfit, it may happen that it does not fit you as well as itused to be. Do not try to put on something that is too big or too small. You will not feel comfortable. It is better to wear less formal clothes, which is perfectly tailored and fitted. Ifyouwearuncomfortableoutfit, itmaydistractyouduringthejob interview.

  18. The worst fashion mistakes Even if you apply for a job in a small company, you should put ona formal outfit for an interview. Do not put jeans, sneakers,shorts, T-shirts with extraordinary prints, garish and fancy cloth, patterned and colorful ties. You should have conservatively approach to every item of your clothes to show your professionalism and interest.

  19. The worst fashion mistakes Thejob interview is not a good place to show yourjewellery and accessories.Yourtinklingbracelets, earringsmaydistractinterviewer. Do not usetoo much perfums, you do not knowifyouremployeerisallergicorverysensitive to scents.

  20. The worst fashion mistakes Do not try to be veryorginal. Itis not necessary to exhibitor show offyourfashion style. Ifyouare not surehow to dressup, try to find out aboutdresscodewhichisrequiredin a company.Thewrongoutfitcanexcludeyouatthe start.

  21. The worst fashion mistakes Clothes for a job interview should never be crumpled or stained.Sweat stains, steeped in cigarette smoke outfit or covered with animal fur, affect negatively to build a good first impression. Women should forget about the very long nails, painted by extravagant nail polishes.Shoes with pointed tops, match with contrasting socks are not a good idea for a job interview.

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