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F5 VMware Solution Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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F5 VMware Solution Overview

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F5 VMware Solution Overview
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F5 VMware Solution Overview

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  1. Presented by Mike Crozier - F5 Systems Engineer F5 VMware Solution Overview

  2. Public Users Users Data Center Who: Customers Partners Suppliers Consultants From What: PC Laptop Home PC PDA Kiosk Mobile Private Users Where: LAN Home Branch / WAN Road / WAN What: PC Laptop Home PC PDA Kiosk Mobile F5 is the leader in Application Delivery Networking

  3. Gartner Magic Quadrant for ADC • F5 Networks • F5 Networks has a broad and comprehensive vision with industry-leading understanding of the needs of application development, deployment and management. • The vendor has a comprehensive feature set with a full range of extensibility delivered through iRules and iControl, and integration with popular integrated development environments (IDEs), such as Eclipse and .NET/Visual Basic. • F5 has developed a very large community of committed users (using F5's DevCentral portal) that helps fuel the use of iRules to solve unique data center application challenges, creating a loyal and engaged user base. • F5 has a solid financial position and continued market-leading position (47% market share). Source: Gartner (November 2010) Source: Gartner, Inc. More

  4. F5 in WW ADC Market for Q410 Q410 Gartner ADC Market Share • Q410 ADC* Market Share Leaders • F5 : 44.9% • Cisco: 16.7% • Citrix: 14.2% • Q410 ADC Market Share Revenue Leaders • F5: $164.3 Million • Cisco: $61 Million • Citrix: $52 Million • Q410 ADC Q/Q Revenue Growth • F5: 2.1% • Cisco: 45.2% • Citrix: 4.0% • Q410 ADC Total Market Numbers • Revenue: $365.7 Million • Q/Q Revenue Growth: 9.4% • *Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Segment Includes: Server Load Balancing/Layers 4-7 Switching and Advanced (Integrated) Platforms. Graphic created by F5 based on Gartner data. Citrix 14.2% Radware 8.1% Cisco 16.7% Others 16.1% F5 NETWORKS 44.9% Gartner, Inc. Market Share: Application Acceleration Equipment, Worldwide, 4Q10 and 2010, Joe Skorupa, Nhat Pham, 3 March 2011

  5. F5 Local Customers

  6. F5 Canberra Office & Local Depot • Located at “The Realm” in Barton • Local Depot in Hume (RMA Services)

  7. Application Delivery Networking • The introduction of a tiered application delivery layer provides the delivery of common services in a consistent manner.. Application Services Business Logic Business Logic Business Logic Business Logic Business Logic Application Delivery Services Security Load-Balancing Web Acceleration Intrusion Prevention Traffic Shaping Access Control DR/HA Proxy Cache Compression Core Networking Services. Switching Routing

  8. Traditional Architecture is Inflexible Users Resources Private Public Physical Virtual Cloud Multi-Site DCs

  9. What’s Needed: Users Dynamic Services Model: Reusable services that understand context and can provide control regardless of application, virtualization, user, device, platform or location Resources Private Public Physical Virtual Cloud Multi-Site DCs

  10. iControl API High Performance HW iRules Client Side Server Side Application Delivery Network Rate Shaping TCP Express TCP Express 3rd Party Caching XML Compression OneConnect Web Accel SSL APM, ASM Microkernel TCP Proxy Server Client • TMOS traffic plug-ins • High-performance networking microkernel • Powerful application protocol support • iControl – external monitoring and control • iRules – network programming language TMOS Unique Architecture

  11. VIPRION 4400 Platform Line-up VIPRION 2400 VIPRION Chassis 6.4M L7 RPS 2.8M L4 CPS 80G L7/L4 TPUT 135k L7 RPS 115K L4 CPS 2G L7/L4 TPUT 4M L7 RPS 1.6M L4 CPS 80G/160G - L7/L4 TPUT BIG-IP 3600 Application Switch 600k L7 RPS 220K L4 CPS 6G L7/L4 TPUT 1.2M L7 RPS 400K L4 CPS Up to 20G TPUT 2.5M L7 RPS 1M L4 CPS Up to 42G TPUT BIG-IP 8900/8950 BIG-IP 6900 400k L7 RPS 175K L4 CPS 4G L7/L4 TPUT BIG-IP 11050 BIG-IP 3900 100k L7 RPS 60K L4 CPS 1G L7/L4 TPUT BIG-IP 1600 Production Lab Virtual Editions 200 Mbps 1 Gbps

  12. BIG-IP Virtual Edition ESX v4, ESXi v4 • Available as a trial, developer or production editions • Runs on any server compatible with ESX • Managed just like a physical LTM • Same functionality.

  13. It Starts with Local Traffic ManagementEnsure availability and plan for growth Dynamic LB Methods LTM load balances at the application level • Ensures the best resources are always selected • Has deep visibility into application health • Proactively inspects and responds to errors Application Health Monitoring High Performance Hardware Session Persistence TransactionAssurance Eliminate downtime and scale the application

  14. Secure the Applications and Data Network and Protocol Attack Prevention Resource Cloaking and Content Security Security at Application, Protocol and Network Level • Meet compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, etc.) • Strong protection without interrupting legitimate traffic Application Security Manager Access Policy Manager (add-on modules) Selective Encryption “BIG-IP enabled us to improve security instead of having to invest time and money to develop a new more secure application” TechValidate 0C0-126-2FB Application Manger Global 5000 Media and Entertainment Company

  15. Let Servers Serve LTM offloads tasks from application servers • Reduce the number of servers required • Centralized SSL key management One Connect Fast Cache SSL Offload Compression 1/2 of BIG-IP owners have saved 20% or more on their total Capital Expenses with BIG-IP Source: TechValidate Survey of F5 BIG-IP Users

  16. OneConnect ™ – Connection Pooling • Increase server capacity by 30% • Aggregates massive number of client requests into fewer server side connections • Transformations from HTTP 1.0 to 1.1 for Server Connection Consolidation • Maintains Intelligent load balancing to dedicated content servers Good Sources: http://tech.f5.com/home/bigip/solutions/traffic/sol1548.html http://www.f5.com/solutions/archives/whitepapers/httpbigip.html

  17. Secure & Optimized Tunnel between Cloud & DC“BIG-IP iSessions” Integrated and free with BIG-IP LTM v10+ • Symmetric Compression • Adaptive • Deflate • LZO • SSL Encryption

  18. Multi-Tenancy“Route Domains” BIG-IP v10+: Managing Networks in the Cloud • Host multiple departments/organizations on one BIG-IP without conflicts • Granular control to provide separate routing domains and overlapping IPs Department A Department B

  19. iApp templates allow for business policy-driven configuration and IT collaboration iApp drives automation and provisioning Changes can quickly be made and re-applied iApps are portable between F5 devices enabling rapid migration Every service is reusable F5 iApp: How it works

  20. BIG-IP V10 Managing Objects & Services BIG-IP V11 Managing Application Services

  21. BIG-IP V11 Managing Application Services F5 iAPPs:Managing application services … not network devices or objects.

  22. V10 Deployment Guide Exchange 2010 • Saves (Minimum) • = 14 days to research (Exch) • = 14-21 days to research (F5) • = 5 days to setup test environment (Exch) • = 3 days to setup test environment (F5) • = 30 days to test (Exch/F5) • = 1 day implementation (Exch/F5) • Stats • = 100 pages of configuration • = 1200 steps • = 20% inputs • Costs • = 2 hours to read guide • = 8 hours to gather inputs • = 8 hours to configure • =100 % chance of misconfigurations

  23. F5 and VMware

  24. VMware & F5 Market Leaders

  25. Recent Highlights • F5 named Global Technology Innovator Partner of the Year • VMware awards highest honor to F5 at 2011 Partner Exchange • Recognition for deep integration and solution development • “VMware-Ready” certifications • BIG-IP Virtual Edition • Recent Releases • View desktop solution (Edge Gateway and APM for LTM VE) • vCloud Director – joint cloud bursting solution • Management Plug-in for vSphere

  26. Common Practical Issues • How can I provision more seamlessly? • How can I make application performance better? • How can I automate more administrative tasks? • How can I simplify network configuration for VMs? • How can I take full advantage of VMotion? • How can I secure my virtual desktop deployments? • How can I streamline virtual desktop access steps?

  27. Server Virtualization & F5

  28. Improving VM Density Offload Typical virtualized server Same server with BIG-IP • SSL • Caching • Compression • One Connect • TCP Optimization

  29. Automating Network Changes: vCenter • BIG-IP LTM & VMware vCenter can be integrated for automatic provisioning of local VMs on demand • Respond to changes in traffic volume • Provision to mean rather than peak • Reduce manual labor

  30. Illustration: LTM & vCenter Integration Demand ↑ ↑ ↑ Web Clients Web Clients Frontends Virtualization Detection BIG-IP LTM iControl Automation VM Provision FrontEnd FrontEnd FrontEnd vCenter + AppSpeed (optional) Monitoring & Management F5 Provision AppServers Virtualization BIG-IP LTM iControl Demand ↓ ↓ ↓ Detection App. Server App. Server App. Server Storage Virtualization Automation F5 Deprovision VM Deprovision

  31. Automating Network Changes: SRM • BIG-IP GTM & VMware SRM integrated to enable failover between sites • GTM makes traffic follow SRM failover • Automatic • Minimize Application Downtime

  32. Automating Network Changes:Inter-Data Center Traffic Management • Serving an application across multiple data centers • Cloud Bursting • Automated Failover • Global Traffic Optimization • Intelligent Persistence • Federated Cloud Authentication • Control via • iControl API • Pre-defined global traffic policies • iRules BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager vCenter-2 vCenter-1

  33. Illustration: GTM & SRM Integration SRM Failover Ongoing Replication Site 1 Site 2 • GTM Health checks reveal unhealthy site 1. • GTM self-executes a redirection to site 2.

  34. F5 Management Plug-In for vSphere

  35. F5 Management Plug-In for vSphere • Free Software Plug-In for VMware vSphere • Attaches to vCenter Server – modifies vSphere Client GUI • Operates with both physical and virtual LTM editions • Streamlines the administrative steps of adding VM nodes from load balancing pools • Automates actions based on pre-defined policies • Reduces risk of error • Reduces manual effort • Officially supported by F5 (in it’s unmodified state)

  36. vSphere Client GUI

  37. Example: Right-Click VMand disable VM via BIG-IP

  38. Long Distance VMotionDetailed Review

  39. Escaping Boundaries Between DCsNew Use Cases for Well Established Functionality • Migration • Disaster avoidance • Capacity expansion • Key Technical Problems Solved: • Performance problems caused by latency or bandwidth • Network retransmission of client traffic from site 1 to site 2 • Loss of app sessions when migrating to another location

  40. How it works – the fundamental steps • Storage VMotion to Site 2 • VMotion to Site 2 • LTM routes incoming connections for existing sessions to Site 2 VM • GTM routes new connections to Site 2 • Register host and VM in vCenter Site 2 (optional)

  41. Logical representation, not physical Internet EtherIP Tunnel EtherIP Tunnel vCenter Server

  42. Acceleration & Encryption • F5 testing results of common bandwidth/latency combinations • iSessions™ or WAN Optimization Module™ (WOM) • SSL encryption • Acceleration: TCP Optimization, Deduplication, Compression • Able to successfully VMotion in conditions where previously failed

  43. Initial Environment BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B

  44. Step 1: F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Opens WAN Optimization Tunnel BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager 1 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager • Compressed • De-Duplicated • Encrypted vCenter A vCenter B

  45. Step 2: Storage VMotion Executed Across WAN Optimized Tunnel BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B This step can be avoided if storage is already being synchronously replicated between sites 2

  46. Step 2: Pending App VMotion, transactions rely on VM in Site A, but Storage in Site B BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B vCenter A still managing VM

  47. Step 3: Application VMotion Executed Over WAN Optimized Tunnel BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B 3

  48. Step 4: GTM health checks register the move, and Cut Over to Site-B BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager 4 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B

  49. F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Routes All NEW Application Connections/Sessions Directly to Site B. BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B

  50. F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager in Site A retransmits incoming connections for EXISTING Sessions to Site B Until Clients Register DNS Change BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager vCenter A vCenter B