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Science Fiction

Science Fiction

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Science Fiction

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  1. Science Fiction

  2. Ender’s Game Card, Orson Scott FIC CAR Ender Wiggens, child genius is chosen to save the world from destruction.

  3. The House of the Scorpion • Farmer, Nancy FIC FAR • 14 year old Matteo was harvested/cloned from a powerful drug lord. Escape is his only chance for survival.

  4. Eva • Dickenson, Peter FIC DIC • Set in the near future, Eva awakens from her coma sensing something is very wrong. After a horrific car crash, Eva discovers her new body belonged to a chimpanzee.

  5. The Illustrated Man • Bradbury, Ray FIC BRA • A young man meets up with an illustrated man whose tattoo’s have the power to tell stories and show you the future.

  6. Feed • Anderson, M.T. FIC AND • In the future world of teenager Titus, everyone has been implanted with a computer chip that continually feeds you your every thoughts and desires.

  7. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy • Adams, Douglas FIC ADA • When his home and the Earth is demolished, Arthur must hitchhike through space with his alien friend.

  8. Fade • Cormier, Robert FIC COR • Paul discovers that he has the ability to disappear or “fade” and must decide how to use this new, incredible gift, for good or evil.

  9. Anthem • Rand, Ayn FIC RAN • Equality 7-2521 is a freethinker living in a society that demands obedience at all times.

  10. Cat’s Cradle • Vonnegut, Kurt FIC VON • Jonah discovers more than he wanted interviewing the family involved in the development of the atomic bomb.

  11. Fantasy

  12. The Golden Compass • Pullman, Philip FIC PUL • Young orphan, Lyra’s carefree world changes forever as she becomes involved in a dangerous game that involves missing children, discovers a mysterious woman and travels to the frozen north with her Daemon partner.

  13. The Hobbit • Tolkien, J.R.R. FIC TOL • Bilbo Baggens is wished away by the great wizard Gandolf on an adventure to recover their stolen treasure.

  14. Watership Down • Adams, Richard FIC ADA • A tale of adventure, courage and survival follows a band of very special creatures as they run from the invasion of man in search of a perfect society.

  15. Gathering Blue • Lowery, Lois FIC LOW • In a society that shuns the weak or physically flawed, Kira’s , whose crippled leg makes her future uncertain. Gifted with special talents, she is saved by the council, but for what purpose?

  16. Stardust • Gaiman, Neil FIC GAI • Young Tristan makes a promise to his love and ventures past the wall into a wold full of adventure and discovery.

  17. The Bellmaker • Jacques, Brian FIC JAC • Follows Rab on his quest to rescue his king and queen. Another “Redwall” book.

  18. ERAGON • Paolino, Christropher FIC PAO • A young farm boy discovers a dragon’s egg. Overnight his destiny changes with magic and power.

  19. Across the Wall • Nix, Garth FIC NIX • Nicolas will do anything to return to his kingdom, across the wall facing many obstacles.

  20. Multicultural Stories

  21. Angela’s Ashes • McCourt, Frank 921 McC • Born to Irish immigrants and raised in poverty, Frank tells the story of his mother’s attempts to keep the family together.

  22. The Color of Water • McBride, James 305.896 McB • James grows up in an interracial family and writes this tribute to his inspirational mother.

  23. Farewell to Manzanar • Watasuki Houston, Jeanne 921 HOU • The true story of one spirited American family’s life in a Japanese internment camp in the 1940’s.

  24. Esperanza Rising • Munoz Ryan, Pam FIC RYA • Having to leave her privileged life in Mexico after her father is murdered, Esparanza and her mother flee to California and a life of harsh migrant camp work.

  25. Children of the River • Crew, Linda FIC CRE • Sundara, a Cambodian refugee, longs to fit into high school in Oregon and stay loyal to her heritage.

  26. The Tequila Worm • Canales, Viola FIC CAN • Sophia’s stories of growing up in a barrio full of mystery and magic.

  27. Cuba 15 • Osa, Nancy FIC OSA • Violet learns of her Cuba ancestry as her grandmother plans her quincenero.

  28. Behind the Eyes • Stork, Francisco X. FIC STO • Hector has spent 16 years unnoticed until the violent death of his brother. Now he must escape the gang members that are after him.

  29. Buried Onions • Soto, Gary FIC SOT • Nineteen year old Eddie drops out of college and struggles to find himself as a Mexican American.

  30. By the Lake of Sleeping Children • Urrea, Luis Alberto 306 URR • The simple joys and horrors of people trapped between the two worlds of Mexico and the United States.

  31. Chandra’s Secrets • Stratton, Alan FIC STR • How HIV/AIDS threatens a young girl’s family I Sub-Sahara Africa.

  32. Crossing • Martinez, Manuel Luis FIC MAR • 16 year old Luis uses a “coyote” to come to the United States to seek his fortune and hopes to survive the journey.

  33. The House on Mango Street • Cisneros, Sandra FIC CIS • Esparanza tells of all the interesting people she and her sister meet in their neighborhood.

  34. Ask Me No Questions • Budhos, Marina Tamar FIC BUD • Living in New York City after 9/11 becomes impossible for Nadira and her family when their illegal status is discovered and they are thrown into a world of red tape.

  35. Estrella’s Quinceanera • Alegria, Malin FIC ALE • About to turn 15, Estrella is dreading her special birthday celebration, not sure if her new friends at the exclusive school will understand.

  36. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a boy soldier • Beah, Ishmael 921 BEA • Trained at 13 to become a soldier in Sierra Leon, Ishmael somehow has the strength to survive and start a new life in America.

  37. Holocaust Stories

  38. The Cage • Sender, Ruth 940.53 SEN • A young girl, after losing both parents, keeps her family together in the Lodz ghetto and finally Auschwitz.

  39. The True Story of Hansel and Gretel: a novel of war and survival • Murphy, Louise FIC MUR • Two children are left alone to wander the woods where a “witch” is determined to keep them safe from the German soldiers.

  40. The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank • Feldman, Ellen FIC FEL • This is the story of what might have happened had Peter survived the holocaust and started a new life in a new county.

  41. If I Should Die Before I Wake • Nolan, Han FIC NOL • Hilary, a Neo-Nazi initiate, lies in a coma and is transported back to Poland at the beginning of WWII as a young Jewish girl.

  42. Night • Wiesel, Elie 950.53 WIE • At the age of 15 a Jewish boy, Wiesel, is sent with his family to a German concentration camp. He narrates the horrors he witnesses during his incarceration.

  43. In the Mouth of the Wolf • Zar, Rose 940.53 ZAR • Using false papers, Rose flees Poland and is hired to wrok for an S.S. officer and his family.

  44. Schindler’s List • Keneally, Thomas FIC KEN • Oskar Schindler’s remarkable story of saving thousands of Jews by harboring them in his factory during the war.

  45. Anne Frank Remembered • Gies, Miep 921 GIE • Miep’s story of hiding the Frank family in the Annex. A supplement to Anne’s diary.

  46. Briar Rose • Yolen, Jane FIC YOL • The “sleeping beauty” fairy tale is linked to the Holocaust, as a young girl travels to Europe to discover her grandmother’s past.

  47. The Book Thief • Zusak, Markus FIC ZUS • An amazing story about the ability of books to feed the soul of a young girl and her neighbors in Germany during WWII.

  48. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas • Boyne, John FIC BOY • Bruno, the young son of a German officer, is living in “Out-With” where he becomes friendly with a young boy on the other side of the fence.

  49. Milkweed: a novel • Spinelli, Jerry FIC SPI • Mischa, a young orphan surviving any way he can on the streets of Warsaw during WWII.

  50. The Hiding Place • TenBoom, Corrie 921 TEN • Working with the Dutch underground, Corrie and her family hide their neighboring Jewish friends until they are all arrested and sent to a concentration camp.