lkcs and apaa governing body meetings august 28 2018 n.
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LKCS and APAA Governing Body Meetings August 28, 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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LKCS and APAA Governing Body Meetings August 28, 2018

LKCS and APAA Governing Body Meetings August 28, 2018

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LKCS and APAA Governing Body Meetings August 28, 2018

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  1. LKCS and APAA Governing Body MeetingsAugust 28, 2018

  2. Student Handbook A copy of the Student Handbook has been included in all LKCS and APAA Student Agendas. Agendas were included in the giftbags distributed with student textbooks. The Student Handbook includes important information on school policies, procedures and guidelines. You can download a copy from the schools’ website. The LKCS is a Title I schools. This year, the school will continue to utilize Title I funds for online assessments, academic programs, student incentives, tutoring, field trips, staff development and parent communications. Title I 2

  3. Title I Annual Meeting Information The Governing Body membership is asked to review the 2018-2019 Title I activities to support the following: Student achievement Parent correspondence needs Teacher training Student activities & opportunities to learn The LKCS Tutoring Program is a free service for all students as a part of our Title I services. Daily homework assistance tutoring is also available during our After School Program. Teachers may pull students from After School for more specialized tutoring as space is available in their classrooms. 3

  4. Title I Annual Meeting Information In addition to Tutoring, the schools would like to implement the following activities to support our students and help achieve the best year possible for our students. • Technology • Student Incentives • Field Trips • Staff Development • Parent Communications • Student Activities • Quarterly Diagnostic Testing We would also like to keep the following compacts to ensure the academic partnership between teachers, students and parents.

  5. Title I Annual Meeting Information LKCS Teachers will pledge the following as a part of our stakeholder contracts: • Teach in the best way I know how • Do whatever it takes for my students to learn • Make myself available to students and parents/guardians and address any concerns they might have • Protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in my classroom

  6. Title I Annual Meeting Information LKCS Students are asked to pledge the following as a part of our stakeholder contracts: • Work, think, and behave in the best way we know how • Do whatever it takes for me and my fellow students to learn • Complete all homework every night • Tell my teachers if I have a problem understanding a lesson • Raise my hand and ask questions in class • Behave to protect the safety, interests, and rights of everyone in the classroom • Listen to all of my classmates and give each one my respect • Understand that I am responsible for my own behavior • Follow the teachers' directions.

  7. Title I Annual Meeting Information LKCS Parents/Guardians are asked to pledge the following as a part of our stakeholder contracts: • Make sure my child arrives at school every day at the scheduled time • Help my child in the best way I know how and do whatever it takes for him/her to learn • Check my child's homework every night • Communicate with the teacher if there is a problem • Try to read with my child • Make myself available to my child and the school to address any concerns • Notify the school if my child is going to miss school as soon as possible • Carefully read any and all papers the school sends home to us

  8. School Culture Our School Culture is based on five core values: LOVE: We teach our students to love themselves, to love each other and to love the process of learning. RESPECT: We teach our students to respect authority, respect the learning environment, respect themselves and respect others. ACCOUNTABILITY: We teach our students to take responsibility for their actions and inactions. INTEGRITY: We demand our students exhibit honesty and a sound moral character. EXCELLENCE: We maintain an expectation that our students will submit high quality work and give superior performances every time.

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  12. Assessments & Academic Plans All LKCS and APAA students will take standardized diagnostic tests in the Fall, Winter and Spring to measure their academic growth. The tests will be given in English, Math, Science and Social Studies/History. These tests will be used in the continual development of Student Academic Plans. LKCS and APAA Parents/Guardians will review their child’s Plan in October during Parent Conferences. The first day of each week Pre-Weekly Reports will be distributed to LKCS students. Parents are required to check the reports for important materials, homework assignments, and lessons for the week. Copies of these reports are also posted on the school website. Pre-Weekly Reports 12

  13. Monthly Calendars A calendar of important dates, events and testing announcements will be issued each month. Calendars will be sent home with LKCS and APAA students. Extra calendars will always be available in the main office. Copies of the calendars can also be found on the schools’ website. 13

  14. Early Release Days Early Release Days have changed and will now be at the end of the month this year. This is a District mandated change. All students will dismiss early at 11:30am. Please make sure you check the monthly calendars for early release days. All school related information and activities can be found on our schools’ website We will post LKCS Pre-Weekly Reports, APAA Syllabi, and Weekly Lunch Menus on the website. Website & Electronic Communications 14

  15. Lunch The charter schools do not have a food service program. However, we provide a pre-pay lunch menu from area restaurant vendors. Students may always bring a bag lunch to school. Microwaves are available to heat student lunches, but please be courteous as several students may need to heat food items. We ask that each child take no more than 2-3 minutes at the microwave. Students will be participating in field trips throughout the school year. Taking part in a school field trip is a privilege that must be earned. Participation will be based on academic performance, attendance, discipline and staff comfort level. Permission forms must be completed by parents and will be kept on file in the main office. Field trip details will always be sent home prior to the actual field trip date. Field trips are never mandatory. Field Trips 15

  16. Governing Executive Board *The charter schools are governed by the Administration and Executive Board. The Board acts in the best interest of the schools’ mission and goals. *2018-2019 Boards will consist of the following seven (5) members: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Teacher Representative, and Administrative Representative. *Board members are held to a strict confidentiality and ethics code that, if broken, will result in their immediate removal and possible legal action against them. *Board votes require fifty percent (50%) plus one in order to successfully pass any policy changes, initiate reforms or make hearing determinations. *The Board conducts all hearings and appeals for the faculty, parents/guardians and students. Their decisions are final, acting in the same way as the Aiken County School Board does for the traditional schools. *Board members are restricted from discussing grievances and/or concerns with parties outside of procedural guidelines. If a Board member violates this rule, he or she will be found in direct conflict with ethical guidelines and must then excuse himself/herself from any future level of appeals in the matter. 16

  17. Governing Executive Board Before nominating and voting on 2018-2019 Board members, the following information must be reviewed. Purpose Executive Board - Acts on behalf of the charter school’s parents, employees, and charter. Director - Works for the Executive Board to oversee the charter school’s day-to-day operations, personnel, insurance, curriculum, finance, policies and procedures. Governing Body Membership - The parents/guardians, employees, staff, educators and community members who have a vested interest in the success of the charter school’s mission. General Information *The Board fulfills a legal responsibility and must adhere to the school’s by-laws and policies. *The Board promotes the charter school’s mission and helps to raise funds. *Board members are held legally responsible for the school and may be sued collectively or individually as a result of their membership. *Board members are also responsible for the financial sovereignty of the school. 17