new solar panel proposal for prince of peace n.
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New Solar Panel Proposal for Prince of Peace PowerPoint Presentation
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New Solar Panel Proposal for Prince of Peace

New Solar Panel Proposal for Prince of Peace

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New Solar Panel Proposal for Prince of Peace

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  1. Nov 8 Congregational meeting is set to hear plans to buy and install solar panels on our roof. New Solar Panel Proposal for Prince of Peace Like many other churches, homes, businesses and schools across the country our church can eliminate harmful carbon dioxide pollutants that contribute to global warming by installing solar panels to supply most of our electricity. This action will make a very strong and visible signal to our Saratoga community of the importance of protecting the environment. Example of solar panels on a home roof. Prince of Peace Solar Panel Proposal B. Johnson

  2. Steps Accomplished in Going Solar at Prince of Peace • Members of the POP Green Team have researched the details of going solar, obtained bid from three contractors and worked with Thrivent Financial to evaluate the benefits and costs of installing solar panels on the south facing sanctuary roof. • The church council , after reviewing this information , is recommending to the congregation the purchase of a solar panel system. A small loan of $30,000 is needed to supplement the other money available for a solar system purchase. Fifteen year financing at 6.62% through Thrivent can be arranged which results in a small monthly payment of only $264. • Since the solar panels would reduce our electricity cost by about 80%, the new total monthly expenditure on electricity would be greatly reduced , so much so that the total monthly cost of both the loan and the small remaining PGE bill will be less than our non-solar PGE bill by $164. Over the next 25 years , this ~ $2000 savings per year will very likely increase since higher PGE rates are likely to occur. Prince of Peace Solar Panel Proposal B. Johnson

  3. Details of the costs for going solar. • The 15.4 kilowatt solar panel system costs us $46,942. • Maintenance is included for 18 years. • Given the 20 year old sanctuary roof is near needing replacement, overlaying new roofing on just the sout-+h side needs to be included and costs $13,600. • The total cost is $60,545. • To cover this expense, a $15,000 tax refund along with $15,545 of General Fund Reserves and unspent budget is available. That leaves only the need for a $30,000 loan. Prince of Peace Solar Panel Proposal B. Johnson

  4. Utilities, like PGE, throughout the world produce most of the world’s electricity through the burning fossil fuels. Burning of fossil fuels ( coal , oil, natural gas) results in thousands of billions of tons of harmful carbon dioxide gas worldwide being emitted into the sky each year. This extra CO2 traps heat from the earth which would otherwise escape into space. There is no question that global warming is happening at an alarming rate and will impact many of us in our lifetime. Many people believe this is the most critical threat facing the world ever. Prince of Peace can do something to help prevent this – use energy from the sun for our needs rather than fossil fuels. By installing a 15.4 KW solar panel system, emission of ~50,000 pounds of carbon dioxide can be prevented each year. This is over 750 tons during the 30 year lifetime of the solar panels. Why Solar Energy is so important Prince of Peace Solar Panel Proposal B. Johnson