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人教选修 6 Unit1 Art Reading A Short History Of Western Painting Brainstorming What can you think of when looking at the word “art”? The Renaissance Mona Lisa art works art artists painters art galleries paintings art museums Pre-reading 1.Have you visited art galleries?

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  1. 人教选修6 Unit1 Art Reading

  2. A Short History Of Western Painting

  3. Brainstorming What can you think of when looking at the word “art”? The Renaissance Mona Lisa art works art artists painters art galleries paintings art museums

  4. Pre-reading 1.Have you visited art galleries? 2.What are the names of some famous Western or Chinese artists? 3.The following paintings are all very famous. Can you guess their names and their painters? What styles they belong to ?

  5. Mona Lisa by Da Vinci Sunflower By Van Gogh Impressionism The Renaissance

  6. Mary and Baby Jesus Virgin and Child with Angels The Middle Ages

  7. Shrimps by Qi Bashi Horse by Xu Beihong Modern art Modern art

  8. Fast reading Read the text quickly and answer the following questions. • What’s the main idea of the text? The style of Western art has changed a lot with time going by. 2.How many styles are mentioned in the passage and what are their names? Four. They are :The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Impressionism and Modern art.

  9. Listen to the text carefully , fill in the blanks,and pay attention to the time expressions. • The style of Western art has changed____________, while Chinese art has changed________. • China,unlike Europe, has followed a ____________________________. • This text will describe only a few of the main styles starting _______________________. many times less often similar way of life for a very long time. from the 5th century AD

  10. 4. During the Middle Ages, the main aim of painters was to____________________ __________________. 5.Things had begun to change ________ _____________ 6._______________________,____________________took the place of those that were held in the Middle Ages. 7.One of the most important discoveries ___________________was how to draw things in perspective. represent religious themes by the 13th century. In the Renaissance new ideas and values during this period

  11. 8.The first person to use perspective in his paintings was________________. 9. ____________________________ they were convinced they were looking.. 10.____________________, oil paints were also developed,.. 11._____________________,Europe changed a great deal… Masaccio in 1428 When people first saw his paintings During the Renaissance In the late 19th century

  12. 12. ________,most people hated this new style of painting. 13._________________________, the impressionists’ paintings were controversial… 14.__________, there are scores of modern art styles… 15.It is interesting to predict what styles of painting there will be_____ _________ At first At the time they were created Nowadays in the future.

  13. Detailed reading 1.Read the passage in details, discuss in groups and fill in the table: 5th -15th AD Giotto di Bondone Da Vinci Masaccio Michelangelo Laffelo Santi focus more on human 15th-16th AD

  14. Late19th century to20th century Industrial Revolution and new technologydevelopment Van Gogh Monet Impressionism Picasso concentrates on certain qualities of the object full of diversity Modern art 20th century to today

  15. 2.Read the passage again and do Exercise 2 on Page 3. 1.Western art has changed very little over the last 17 centuries. 2.Painters in the Middle Ages painted mainly religious subjects. 3.Paintings in the Middle Ages were very realistic. 4.Renaissance painters tried to paint things in a realistic way. 5.Two important discoveries in the Renaissance period were oil paints and drawing in perspective. 6.Impressionists painted their pictures mainly indoors. 7.At first people did not like the impressionists’ paintings. 8.Modern art began with the impressionists. F T F T F T T

  16. Now enjoy some of the very famous arts in the western history, and tell their names ,painters and styles.

  17. Noli me Tangere by Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337) The Middle Ages

  18. Compare the two paintings The Renaissance The Middle Ages Which is more like human, more realistic?

  19. The Renaissance The Last Supper by Da Vinci

  20. Starry Night By Van Gogh Impressionism

  21. Impressionism Water Lilies by Monet

  22. "These landscapes of water and reflections have became my obsession. They are far beyond my old man powers and despite everything I want to succeed in conveying what I feel. I destroy some... I start over again... And I hope something will finally come from so many efforts." Claude Monet Water Lilies by Monet

  23. Modern art Head, 1934, by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), oil on canvas He explored many different themes, often simultaneously, in different styles and media. He invented new ways of representing modern visual experiences while drawing on the history of art for inspiration.

  24. Some Chinese paintings  陈逸飞的《上海滩》 陈逸飞的《多梦时节》

  25. Horse by Xu Beihong

  26. Questions What are the differences between the devel-opment of Western art and Chinese art? The style of Western art has changed many times since the 4th Century AD. Chinese art, on the other hand, has changed less often, and most traditional styles still remain. Art is influenced by the way of life and beliefs of the people. Unlike Europe, China has been united by language, writing, religion (especially Taoism and Buddhism) dynastic rule and the philosophy of Confucianism for a very long time. Also , the past is more valued in China than it is in the West.

  27. Discussion 1.Predict what styles of painting there will be in the future. 2.What will you paint in the future if you are a painter?

  28. Homework 1.  Review and retell the text, pay attention to some key words, useful expressions and difficult sentences. 2. Choose one of the above paintings and write a short description of it, including its style, its painter and your understanding.

  29. See you next time!

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