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Tops and Bottoms

Tops and Bottoms

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Tops and Bottoms

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  1. Tops and Bottoms Adapted and illustrated by Janet stevens

  2. Question of the Week: • When are respect and understanding important in solving a problem?

  3. Now I’m going to read Why Possum’s Tail is Bareby Gayle Ross Listen to the story carefully! Our Objectives are: *Build vocabulary *Listen for the author’s purpose *Listen as I model fluent reading with phrasing and pauses

  4. Listening comprehension • Why do you think the author wrote this story? (Author’s Purpose) • What lesson was the author trying to teach? (Author’s Purpose)

  5. Concept Vocabulary • Bragged- boasted • Humiliated- lowered someone’s pride, dignity, or self-respect • Vain- having too much pride in your looks, ability, or achievements

  6. Concept web

  7. Comprehension SkillSkill: Author’s PurposeStrategy: Predict The author’s purpose is the reason an author writes something. There are many reasons for writing: to persuade to inform to entertain to express ideas and feelings

  8. How can I Determine the Author’s Purpose? • Before You Read: Read the title. For which reason might the author write a piece with this title? • As You Read: Think about the author’s purpose. • After You Read: Now what do you think the author’s purpose was?

  9. Author’s purpose Why do you think an author would write each of these? Instructions Joke Informational Article

  10. Strategy: Predict • Good readers try to predict what will happen and why. You can also predict why an author might have written something. As you read, check your prediction. Were you right?

  11. Let’s Predict the author’s purpose forSalsa garden Before We Read: Read the Title Why do you think the author might write a piece with the title SalsaGarden? As We Read: Think about the author’s purpose. After We Read: What do you think the author’s purpose was?

  12. Salsa Garden p.225 • The title of this selection is “Salsa Garden.” What is a salsa garden? Why would the author write about that? I think….

  13. Let’s ReadSalsa Garden David saw the sign his father put on the garden fence. It said Salsa Garden. “Salsa?” David read aloud. “Can you grow salsa?” Dad replied, “Just watch and see what comes up.” Each time David helped by watering and pulling weeds, he looked at the green plants. They all looked different. Not one looked like salsa. Finally, harvest time came. First, Dad dug in the ground and pulled out round white things that looked a lot like onions. Then, he pulled off pods hanging from a plant. They looked a lot like hot peppers.

  14. Next, he cut a green leafy plant that smelled spicy. Finally, Dad pulled round, red balls from a fat vine. They sure looked a lot like tomatoes. “Where’s the salsa, Dad?” David asked as he followed his father to the kitchen. Dad washed and cut everything up. He dumped his harvest into a machine with a sharp blade and turned it on. When he opened the lid, it was full of salsa!

  15. Skill: Now we can determine the author’s purpose. What do you think?

  16. Build background growing vegetables I need you to brainstorm with a partner the steps in growing a vegetable garden. Remember to keep the steps in order. You will have a few minutes and then we will come back together and share.

  17. Growing vegetables • Step 1. Prepare the Soil • Step 2. • Step 3. • Step 4. • Step 5

  18. What are some different things people can do with vegetables they harvest from their gardens?

  19. vocabulary • Bottom plants grown for food • Cheated members of a company • Clever riches • Crops not willing to work or move fast • Lazy the lowest part • Partners tricked someone; acted dishonest • Wealth bright; intelligent

  20. The story of the week is Tops and Bottoms • Top is the antonym for bottom. Can you think of antonyms for more of our vocabulary words? • Cheated • Clever • Crops • Lazy • Partners • Wealth Poverty The antonym for wealth is poverty

  21. Time for Small Groups!!!