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What is Beautiful? Are the ideals of beauty the same for everyone (Universalism)? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Beautiful? Are the ideals of beauty the same for everyone (Universalism)?

What is Beautiful? Are the ideals of beauty the same for everyone (Universalism)?

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What is Beautiful? Are the ideals of beauty the same for everyone (Universalism)?

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  1. What is Beautiful? Are the ideals of beauty the same for everyone (Universalism)? Are perceptions of what is beautiful different for every person based on their experiences (Cultural Relativism)?

  2. The Wodaabe

  3. The young Wodaabe men, with elaborate make-up, feathers and other adornments, perform dances and songs to impress women.

  4. The male beauty ideal of the Wodaabe stresses tallness, white eyes and teeth; the men will often roll their eyes and show their teeth to emphasize these characteristics.

  5. Geisha

  6. Geisha are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.

  7. Today, the traditional makeup is one of their most recognizable characteristics

  8. The traditional makeup of an apprentice geisha features a thick white base with red lipstick and red and black accents around the eyes and eyebrows.

  9. Geisha always wear kimono. Apprentice geisha wear highly colorful kimono with extravagant obi. Always, the obi is brighter than the kimono she is wearing to give a certain exotic balance

  10. Plastic Surgery Addicts

  11. Jenny is only 28 years old and has already had 26 plastic surgeries. Jenny was just 25 years old when she had a brow lift. She's also had Botox, cheek implants, three nose jobs, veneers on her teeth, three lip implants, two boob jobs, three breast lifts, and liposuction on her arms, stomach, hips, thighs, and knees. Jenny says that the total cost of her plastic surgeries is about $80,000.

  12. Joan Rivers, a self-confessed fan of plastic surgery, says she’s had at least one nose job, an eye tuck, liposuction, two facelifts, and lots of Botox injections

  13. Cher: breast enlargement, nose jobs, cheek implants, tummy tuck, butt-lift, face-lift, and liposuction procedures she is said to have undergone in the past few decades.

  14. Demi Moore has reportedly spent more than half a million dollars for procedures that include liposuction, breast augmentation, brow lift, multiple collagen injections and cosmetic knee surgery.

  15. Enough said

  16. Heroin Chic

  17. Heroin chic was a look popularized in mid 1990’s and characterized by pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, and jutting bones.

  18. The look, which promoted exaggerated features and androgyny, was an alternative that stood in direct contradiction to the healthy and vibrant look.

  19. Mauritania

  20. What would be considered overweight in the Western Culture would be considered attractive in Mauritania.

  21. The Mauritanian culture for beauty encourages consumption of high fat foods such as camel's milk, to ensure that young women attain sufficient size.

  22. Obesity is so revered among Mauritania's white Moor Arab population that the young girls are sometimes force-fed to obtain a weight the government has described as "life-threatening".

  23. Androgyny

  24. Androgyny is a term derived from Greek words meaning man and woman.

  25. In fashion statements, androgyny can refer to the mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics.

  26. Body Art

  27. Body art is art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body.

  28. The most common forms of body art are tattoos and body piercings, but other types include scarification branding, shaping, full body tattoo and body painting.

  29. Kayans

  30. Women of the various Kayan tribes identify themselves by their different form of dress. They are renowned for wearing ornaments known as neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck.

  31. These coils are first applied to young girls when they are around five years old.

  32. it has been theorized that the coils originate from the desire to look more attractive by exaggerating sexual dimorphism, as women have more slender necks than men.

  33. It has also been suggested that the coils give the women resemblance to a dragon, an important figure in Kayan folklore.

  34. What other characteristics might be familiar to our culture?