products from aden anais that can help baby sleep n.
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Products From aden anais That Can Help Baby Sleep Soundly All Night Long PowerPoint Presentation
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Products From aden anais That Can Help Baby Sleep Soundly All Night Long

Products From aden anais That Can Help Baby Sleep Soundly All Night Long

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Products From aden anais That Can Help Baby Sleep Soundly All Night Long

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  1. Products From aden + anais That Can Help Baby Sleep Soundly All Night Long Many new parents find that bedtime can be a struggle for their baby. Whether it's getting them to fall asleep at a consistent time or it's the constant cries in the middle of the night, ask any new parent, and they'll tell you that bedtime can be hit or miss. Fortunately, aden + anais specializes in producing a variety of baby essentials, from receiving blankets to burp cloths, that can make parenting and bedtime a little bit easier. Here are some bedtime essentials from aden + anais that can help your baby sleep more comfortably and soundly throughout the night. silky soft swaddle The silky soft swaddle by aden + anais is a go-to for many parents as securely swaddling a baby can help them sleep and stay cozy. The combination of soft muslin and silky viscosemade from bamboo makes for a breathable, machine washable fabric. The silky soft swaddle can be purchased individually or as part of a swaddle set and comes in an array of cute patterns and designs to complement any nursery theme. serenity star As a new parent, it can often feel like you’re doing five things at once just to keep up with your baby. Fortunately, the serenity star from aden + anais can do five things also, which can help make bedtime safer while providing you with peace of mind. This handy star-shaped device can serve as a feeding diary, room temperature indicator, a night light, clock, and a sound machine. The serenity star can play soothing white noise and a heartbeat to provide familiar comfort as well as two lullabies to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

  2. classic muslin sleeping bag Loose blankets in the crib can be a safety hazard, and the thought of it can keep you wide awake worrying all night. Thankfully, the classic muslin sleeping bag from aden + anais is a breathable sleeping bag that slips over your baby's pajamas and zips at the bottom to keep them comfortable as they sleep while also secure as they transition away from the swaddle. Sleep soundly with peace of mind as your baby rests comfortably in this cozy sleeping bag. classic dream blanket A multi-purpose, ultra-soft blanket is a must for any new parent. The classic dream blanket collection from aden + anais is just that. More than your typical blanket, this receiving blanket is made with four layers of 100% cotton muslinand is part of aden + anais’ highly-curated white label collection, which offers a fresh aesthetic and creative print designs to add style to your baby’s nursery.Whether you love elephants or your nursery has an aquatic theme, give your baby a soft and snuggly surface to rest on with this machine washable blanket. classic lovely soft blanket toy Along with their wide selection of baby blankets, aden + anais offers cuddly blanket companions to comfort your baby and calm them down before you lay them down to rest. This blanket toy by aden + anais is the perfect size for your newborn that they’ll love even as they transition into the toddler stage. They’re made with a classic muslin material, and the head of the toy—a dog, elephant, or giraffe—is filled with hypoallergenic polyester. Just be sure to keep the crib clear of items while your baby rests and to use this toy more as an item to provide comfort before you put them to bed. When your baby sleeps soundly, you do as well. With the right nursery essentials for bedtime, you can help your baby fall asleep faster and, hopefully, keep them asleep for the entire night— at least a few nights out of the week. To browse aden + anais’ entire collection of bedtime essentials, visit