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Scuba diving St.Thomas

Admiralty Dive Center offers exciting scuba diving adventures and courses in St. Thomas at the USVI Dive Center that will help you indulge in an adventurous and memorable diving experience. Having great years of experience, we are the experts in providing you safe and exhilarating scuba diving in St. Thomas. Give us a call today at (340) 777-9802 to know more about the exclusive scuba diving programs and adventures in St. Thomas.

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Scuba diving St.Thomas

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  1. Wel Come To Admiralty Dive Center

  2. What are the Health Benefits of Enjoying a Scuba Diving Holiday in St. Thomas? Do you know that scuba diving is good for physical and mental fitness? For some, scuba diving can be an adrenaline rush activity of exploring the deep waters, while there are others who think that scuba diving is all about the beauty of the reef and the marine life. If you are planning for a scuba diving holiday trip to USVI’s St. Thomas, then it will prove to be a fantastic experience, which will improve your emotional and physical health, help in making friends and more.

  3. On a scuba diving holiday, you will get a chance to become a child again to explore the sunken treasures, colorful marine creatures and an amazing underwater world of St. Thomas. A scuba diving holiday will help in reducing your stress levels as it will take your mind off work and other niggling distractions. As one of the best recreational activities, scuba diving will give your mind the chance to relax while enjoying the stunning coral or marine life that will bring a sense of joy and happiness. St. Thomas is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the USVI, which has the gorgeous beaches and best dive sites that you can explore on a customized scuba diving holiday trip to have the utmost fun and enjoyment. Please have a look at the benefits of enjoying a scuba diving holiday in the USVI’s best diving destination St. Thomas:

  4. 1. Good for Body Muscles: With an expert dive instructor, you will be given the right instruction to maintain the perfect buoyancy to enjoy a relaxed scuba diving experience. Normally, the water provides resistance for the body muscles and help in a good body movement during the dive that proves to be a good exercise. 2. Burn Calories: From a study, it is found that you can burn about 220 calories per dive! Isn’t this great! For sure, you will love to enjoy in burning down your extra calories by opting for a scuba diving holiday. 3. Healthy Respiratory System: In scuba diving, breathing plays an important role, as you will have to breathe deeply and slowly. This proves to be the best exercise for the heart and muscles, which ensures a good blood circulation. A healthy respiratory system will help in stimulating the lymphatic system and release toxins that will cleanse your body and make you feel rejuvenated.

  5. 4. Enjoy Mental Stability: Enjoying diving at one of the best dive sites on St. Thomas, you will get an opportunity to experience peace of mind, relaxation and tranquility. You will simply love to enjoy swimming with sea turtles and multi-colored fish in the silence of the underwater that will result in a mental stability.

  6. A scuba diving holiday in St. Thomas will prove to be a rewarding experience, which you can make a memorable one by relying on Admiralty Dive Center. You can consider booking a customized and the best scuba diving program in St. Thomas from Admiralty Dive Center to have the utmost fun and enjoyment. We are one of the best full service dive center in St. Thomas, USVI that will take you to the finest scuba diving spots and assure a safe diving experience.

  7. To explore the most beautiful dive sites in St. Thomas on a wonderful holiday trip, please give us a call today at (340) 777-9802.

  8. For any query or information feel free to contact us Admiralty Dive Center Phone: 340-777-9802 Email: info@admiraltydive.com http://www.admiraltydive.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Admiraltydive https://www.instagram.com/admiraltydivecenter/ https://plus.google.com/115551113387744128997

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