the basement party n.
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The Basement Party PowerPoint Presentation
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The Basement Party

The Basement Party

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The Basement Party

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  1. Emily Payne For President EMILY PAYNE FOR PRESIDENT The Basement Party The Basement Party

  2. “Stay Sain And Vote For Payne” Emily Payne is an outstanding, over achiever. She is dedicated to all activities and goals she sets her mind to. She has been a resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama since 1993. Being committed to the United States of America has always been her number one goal. So Be Sain And Vote For Payne So The World Will Change

  3. TAXES • Cut lower income taxes • Raise higher income taxes • Property taxes • Eliminate taxes on gas and groceries • Lower taxes on merchandise

  4. Economy Less immigrants Better jobs Eliminate pork spending

  5. Environment • Less use of gas • Recycle • Pollution to air • Re-use • Reduce

  6. Foreign Affairs We agree with foreign affairs because other countries have different techniques and ways of living than our country does so being able to trade and purchase goods will provide us and them with different aspects of living.

  7. Gun Control FOR • Protection for self defense • gun license only over the age of 25 with a hand written test provided. AGAINST He or she may take “self defense” to an extreme level which causes more unnecessary murders and crimes to be take into investigation.

  8. Immigration • Ways to limit immigration is by setting up bigger and better guard systems • Application process for immigrants should only be allowed on paper issued by the government at a designated place than online, while highly monitored with the age of 21 and older.

  9. Abortion FOR The baby was developed in the wrong area of the female body AGAINST People take the abortion to another extent by killing a living, harmless, self defenseless human being for their own irresponsible, immature, poor, past actions

  10. Affirmative Action Gives society better advantages at employment, education, and businesses without any discrimination of race, gender, and age

  11. Social Security After retirement some elderly people are unable to provide for themselves in ways of living as the younger can do. By social security checks it ables them to have their wants and needs like every other able person.

  12. Medicare • Medicare does not require you to be employed while other insurance companies do.

  13. Health Care Takes away from the people that can afford to pay and gives to people who can not afford it.

  14. Marriage Rights • Not accepting them is a violation of religious freedom. • It doesn’t hurt society or anyone in particular. • It encourages people to have strong family values and give up high-risk sexual lifestyles.