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  1. Meets HSSC

  2. Actions Every time you step on another pool deck besides our home pool, you are ambassadors to our club. Think about that before you do anything.

  3. In the Pool When we step on to the pool deck, we are going to show great sportsmanship to deck officials, other teams and volunteers. That is the most important thing. Hands down.

  4. In the Pool When you get into the water; try your best and have fun, that’s it, as coaches we cannot ask anything else.

  5. In the Pool After each and every race good or bad we get out of the water, head held high. We may not win every race but we will out class every team. As coaches we never want to see tears, over the top gamesmanship, or bursts of anger from swimmers.

  6. Expectations Before each race; swimmers are to come talk to a coach to receive a talk about how they are to swim and things to work on during the up coming race. The only time we will not expect a swimmer to do this is if they are late for marshalling and are going to miss their race. Post race; swimmers are to cool down directly after their race if there is a cool down pool swimmers are to use that, coaches will explain what we expect as a cool down. If there is no cool down pool swimmers will be expected to perform a dry land routine and go for a walk. Once a swimmer has completed cool down and has gotten a drink and a snack they will be expected to speak to their coaches about the race that they just had.

  7. Notes Sometimes times are not the most important thing about racing. Technique improvements, or race strategy might be the focus of the race. Swimmers are to listen and attempt to complete the tasks given to them just like a practice session.

  8. Things we want to be Know For • Supportive Team • Sportsmanship • Tough Team, meaning after each race we are gassed we leave nothing in the tank • Win tight races, if it comes down to the last 5 meters we will win the race because we train harder and want to win more than the swimmer beside us. • Great streamlines and streamline kick outs

  9. Outside of the Pool Restaurant behavior; This seems simple but many times there problems with teams going out for supper at meets. This will not be an issue for this team, however that being said. Respect the server, serving large groups is a difficult task. This means thank-you’s, and pleases. Never throw anything. Not swearing, no yelling, or running. Tip, 15% is a good rule of thumb.

  10. Hotels Hanging out in hotels are some of my best memories of sports. Playing video games in rooms, ordering room service, watching movies with 15 people in a room, or just being with friends. However the same guidelines for restaurants apply for hotel stays.