media containers used in bedding plants n.
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Media & Containers Used In Bedding Plants PowerPoint Presentation
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Media & Containers Used In Bedding Plants

Media & Containers Used In Bedding Plants

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Media & Containers Used In Bedding Plants

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  1. Media & Containers Used In Bedding Plants

  2. Bedding Plant Media • Media-materials used to start and grow plants • Soil • Inorganic materials • Commercially prepared mixes

  3. Soil must be mixed with other materials such as peat moss to add organic matter and improve aeration and drainage.

  4. Inorganic Materials • Improve aeration and drainage • Sand-finely ground stone

  5. Inorganic Materials • Gravel is rock that is of a specific particle size range. Specifically, it is any loose rock that is larger than 2 mm.

  6. Inorganic Materials • Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently.

  7. Inorganic Materials Vermiculite is a natural mineral that expands with the application of heat. Expanded Mica, also sterile.

  8. Commercially Prepared Mixes • Sterile (no insects, weeds, or diseases) • Jiffy-Mix: Typically comprised of peat moss and perlite or vermiculite

  9. Commercially Prepared Mixes • Redi-Earth: a professional growing mixture product made by Sun Gro Horticulture. • Typically used for plugs and seedlings. • Fine textured media for young plants. • Contains Canadian peat moss and then either perlite or vermiculite.

  10. Pro-Mix: PRO-MIX 'PGX' is a peat-based growing medium for germination and growing-on seedlings with plug systems. Growth under high-density conditions requires a highly specialized medium that can provide optimum physical and chemical properties. • Made by Premier Horticulture • Made of Peat Moss, Vermiculite, and Limestone

  11. Commercially Prepared Mixes • Sunshine Mix- Mixes for nursery and greenhouse growers. Retail Peat Moss and mixes for all plants. Varieties include: all-purpose, rhodendron mix, bulbs, mixed containers, rose mix, and professional mix.

  12. Commercially Prepared Mixes • Metro Mix: Also made by Sun Gro Horticulture, however more specialized. Each bag is pH balanced based on its use. The range of application is from cell packs to large containers.

  13. Cow Pots: manure-fiber based seed starter pots, are made by American farmers for plant lovers everywhere. These earth-friendly “pots you plant” are made with biodegradable, 100% renewable composted cow manure.

  14. Poo Pot Makers

  15. Containers • Peat pots can be planted directly in the soil • Jiffy 7 pellet can be planted directly in the soil

  16. Flat-plastic tray used for planting seeds

  17. Cell packs-several small cell-like pots of plastic molded together used for planting one or two seeds per cell • Sold without transplanting to another container

  18. Plastic pots of various sizes and shapes • Clay pots of various sizes and shapes

  19. Styrofoam pots of various sizes • Hanging baskets: mainly for trailing plants and used on porches

  20. Standard pot is the same width at the top as it is high • Azalea pot is ¾ as high as its top diameter or width

  21. Transplanting Instructions • Seedlings should have true leaves not just seed leaves or cotyledons before being transplanted. Waiting too long to transplant causes shock to transplanted seedlings.

  22. Transplanting Instructions • Hold plants by their leaves. Do not hold by the stem because a badly bruised stem will cause the seedling to die. • The media may need to be loosened with a pot label to keep from breaking stem and roots. Do not shake medium off roots.

  23. Transplanting Instructions • Use a dibble or other means to make a hole for the transplanting seedling.

  24. Transplanting Instructions 5. Plant seedling in the media in the new container slightly deeper than it grew in the flat and gently press media around roots.

  25. Transplanting Instructions 6. Water gently to settle media around roots.

  26. Transplanting Instructions • Keep moist for a few days to prevent wilting and dying. • Grow and harden-off before selling. If hardening off doesn’t have you will have seedlings with dampening off: